Company registration in Macedonia

Macedonia is a jurisdiction that is open to foreign investors. The country offers favorable and flexible conditions for entrepreneurs interested in developing their business and expanding opportunities for their company.


  1. Founders are required to provide at least three names for the company, chosen at their sole discretion. After a short-term check has been carried out by the relevant authorities, the founders are informed about the reservation of a particular name.
  2. Next, the owner of the company fills out a special registration form, which indicates information about the structure of the company, shareholders and the direction of activity. In addition, you will need the following information: registered addresses of the founders, information about the potential head of the company and information regarding payments of the amount of share capital. In accordance with the Macedonian law governing trade organizations, the authorized capital is paid in the amount of 5 thousand euros.
  3. In addition to the above information, the founders are also required to submit copies of passports and utility bills. Macedonia gives foreign investors the opportunity to open a business remotely, which implies the ability to delegate their powers to a representative through a power of attorney.
  4. Then the company is registered with the Main Register of the Republic of Macedonia (the most commonly used form is LLC).
  5. All documentation related to the establishment of a company must be translated by a qualified translator and certified by a notary office.
  6. Once the certificates of incorporation are received by the shareholders, they will need to order a stamp (seal) for the company.

Because Macedonia is making large efforts to improve the registration process, this procedure can be fully completed in just 1 day. In addition, you will need to complete a number of other procedures, such as registering with social security structures and so on. However, this process also does not take more than a day.


  • Any person can act as a director or shareholder, regardless of place of residence and nationality.
  • The company needs a steward (manager).
  • The shareholders of a Macedonian company can be both legal entities and individuals.
  • A local legal address is required.
  • The capital for the LLC is 5 thousand euros. You can pay this amount either in full at the time of registration, or within 12 months after registration.

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