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Commercial lawyer

November 13, 2020

The business process of an enterprise is often associated with disagreements between counterparties, which results in litigation. Most often, such disputes connected with the economic, tax disputes and violations of obligations of the parties under agreements.

Eternity Law International attorneys will help you to resolve disputes out of court or achieve an objective result in the economic court.

This is a rather complex area of law, which has a large number of features and pitfalls. To resolve the following issues it is worth contacting a lawyer dealing with economic affairs of enterprises:

  • corporate disputes;
  • administrative disputes;
  • imposition of tax sanctions and any VAT issues;
  • recognition of the transaction as fictitious;
  • disputes over property rights;
  • issues related to the protection of business reputation;
  • possible bankruptcy;
  • operations with securities;
  • proceedings under contracts of work and labor.

It is possible to resolve other disagreements connected with the business of the company.

Considering the case, a commercial lawyer carries out a set of actions that should protect the interests of the client.

The task of a lawyer is to resolve the case amicably, and if it is brought to court, to get the most beneficial result for the client. A highly professional lawyer with extensive experience makes every effort to ensure the case result will be successful.

Commercial lawyer provides the following services:

  • advise on commercial law;
  • drawing up written opinions;
  • collection and preparation of the necessary documentation;
  • preparation and submitting of claims, petitions, complaints, appeals;
  • conducting and accompanying the negotiation process with the other party;
  • accompanying the course of judicial settlement (expression of the client’s requirements, submitting of a petition, provision of an evidence base, preparation of a resolution speech);
  • disputing the court decision if necessary;
  • help in the execution of the court decision.

Eternity’s commercial lawyers have years of experience in efficiently resolving the most complex business disputes. The key to success is a scrupulous and competent study of issues in the case, taking into account all the details, not only possession of knowledge, but also their correct use for the benefit of the client.

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