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Asset management license in Latvia

February 9, 2024

Firms controlling and distributing funds of other organizations specialize in providing complex of services within a given line of business-direction. In Latvia, governmental regulations and licensing are carried out by local Commission overseeing certification process for brokerage/banking activities and other economical segments.

Our firm is highly-qualified professionals in field of establishment and official licensing of businesses. Our lawyers are ready to give you fully-covering consultancy on any issues connected with getting an asset management license. Additionally, we possess an offer of Latvia asset management license in for sale.

Overview of asset management license in Latvia

Latvian regulator determines service lists available to organizations with various types of permits. Each type of financial tool needs a specific permit, but there’s a permit providing maximum flexibility in business-development.

Asset management license in Latvia regulates operation of investment firms, making it the most commonly-obtained document in this area.

Our team, specializing in supporting clients, provides fully-covering services, including:

  • firms launching;
  • registration of banking accounts;
  • preparation of mandatory documentation;
  • consultancies on types of licensed business-activities;
  • collection of documentation;
  • support at all stages of license-getting;
  • support in personnel search;
  • consultancy on process optimization;
  • assistance in opening branches in EU-countries.

Our team is ready to offer you asset management licensed company in Latvia for sale. Additionally, we possess offers for sale of licenses for asset management in Belgium, Denmark, Germany and others.

Obtain asset management license in Latvia: basic regulative parameters

Applicants wishing to get asset management license in Latvia need to launch a firm locally. At least one director-resident should be. Our company’s experts have been establishing organizations in EU-countries for many years, so they know nuances of the procedure and how to communicate with regulative authorities. Additionally to professional assistance, we’re ready to grant you option of asset management license for sale in Latvia.

To demonstrate your goals for firm’s progress, you need to contribute initial capital. Min amount is 50 thousand EUR, but it varies based on services you’re going to spread.

Firms need to meet corresponding normative standards and rules. The package of documents includes all information about the founders and shareholders. Registration of an application takes approximately five days, but then the commission’s experts carefully study the submitted data for three months before making a decision on whether to license your business.

The opportunity to obtain an asset management license in Latvia opens up the opportunity to conduct business in other European Union countries after completing all the required documentation. You can also buy Latvia licensed asset management company.

Licensing process

This procedure begins with registering a company in this country. Next comes opening an account at a banking institution. Our company’s specialists provide comprehensive support, including assistance in forming a team of employees, choosing office space and other aspects.

Our experts also help determine the required list of services for licensing, prepare a full set of documents and manage your affairs right up to approval and receipt of a work permit. We are also ready to offer you the option of asset management licensed company for sale in Latvia.

The activities of companies included in this “group” are subject to supervision based on the legislation of the Financial Markets Commission and include various types of services, such as brokerage operations, forex companies, financial management and others.

If Latvia is chosen as the place of business, the company must be registered in the country, which takes from 4 to 10 days, and activation of a bank account – from one to two weeks.

To obtain a license you need:

  • providing an authorized capital of more than 50 thousand euros to cover various risks;
  • payment of a one-time annual fee for a license that is issued without a specific validity period;
  • establishment of a company in accordance with all rules.

Information about the founders and full payment of the authorized capital are required to create a joint-stock company (JSC) or a limited liability company (LLC). The registration process takes up to 5 working days to provide all the necessary data, and the decision to issue a license is made within three months.

If you decide to get an asset management license in Latvia, it should be noted that it is valid in other EU countries, which allows you to carry out legal activities in these countries after passing the passport procedure.

Our specialists provide comprehensive support at all stages of the process, ensuring effective and professional resolution of all issues. We also offer you ready-made asset management license in Latvia for sale as a turnkey solution.

Advantages of doing business in Latvia

  1. Access to the EU market: possibility of expansion into the European market while complying with European Union standards.
  2. Ease of Business Registration: The ease and minimum requirements for setting up a company make the startup process easier.
  3. Limited government intervention: no significant government influence on business, giving entrepreneurs greater freedom.
  4. Moderate tax burden: the presence of relatively low tax rates for companies and entrepreneurs.
  5. Developed infrastructure: high-quality infrastructure that helps companies operate more efficiently.
  6. Business-friendly environment: a welcoming atmosphere for business, created by the absence of unnecessary bureaucratic obstacles.

You can use the option of a ready-made license for asset management in Latvia for sale. We will help you with the transfer of your business.

Professional support

Obtaining a license in Latvia involves a number of difficulties and formalities, and using the services of a professional company can greatly facilitate this process. Licensing specialists provide comprehensive solutions, from company registration to support at all stages of activity. Clients can count on professional support, which allows them to focus on the strategic development of their business in Latvia and other EU countries.

  1. Company registration: assistance in creating a legal entity in Latvia in accordance with the law.
  2. Banking services: support for opening a bank account for a new company, including the necessary procedures.
  3. Preparation of documents: assistance in drawing up and submitting all necessary documents to obtain a license.
  4. Services Consultation: Providing information and advice regarding the types of activities for which a license may be obtained.
  5. Drawing up a package of documents: assistance in completing all the necessary documents to successfully complete the licensing procedure.
  6. Support during the obtaining process: supporting the client at all stages of consideration of the license application, including interaction with regulatory authorities.
  7. Assistance in personnel selection: support in searching and selecting the necessary employees for the company.
  8. Process optimization: consultations on optimizing internal processes to comply with licensing requirements. Our lawyers will tell you about the most advantageous jurisdictions for obtaining an asset management license.
  9. Business expansion services: assistance in expanding the company to other EU countries through the passporting process.
  10. Ready license for asset management in Latvia for sale and in other countries.
  11. Support at all stages: comprehensive support from the beginning of registration to obtaining and further doing business in Latvia.

Contact our company today to obtain official permission to operate in any European country quickly and without unnecessary problems and costs. If you choose the option of a ready-made asset management license for sale in Latvia, we will fully assist you with the transfer of your business.

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Asset management license in Latvia

Firms controlling and distributing funds of other organizations specialize in providing complex of services within a given line of business-direction. In Latvia, governmental regulations and licensing are carried out by local Commission overseeing certification process for brokerage/banking activities and other economical segments. Our firm is highly-qualified professionals in field of establishment and official licensing of...

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