Company registration in Serbia

Serbia is a European country with a developed industrial sector, which has excellent prospects for starting and successfully running a business. Moreover, opening a company in this jurisdiction makes it possible to obtain a residence permit in the future, which in Serbia is called boravak. The registration procedure is simple and not burdensome.

Organizational forms for companies

Individual entrepreneurship in Serbia assumes that the participants in the company bear full responsibility. It is possible to create a company in the Serbian jurisdiction in the following organizational and legal formats:

  • AD – analogue of JSC – is a company, the minimum initial capital for which is set at 3 million dinars;
  • DOO. A society whose member liability is limited. Entrepreneurs choose this form in most cases, since the minimum for capital is only 100 dinars. Capital contributions are allowed both in cash and in non-cash form.
  • partnership and limited type societies. Such forms are practically not found among the structures of foreign investors.

Serbia is not offshore in the common sense, however, it offers favorable and convenient conditions for the development of entrepreneurial projects.

Company formation process

The registration of a Serbian company falls into the professional field of a special Agency. This institution enters the created structure into the Register of Business Entities. The founders of the company are required to provide copies of their passports (for individuals) and an extract confirming the registration of the business (for legal entities). In addition, it is necessary to issue a power of attorney for a person entitled to sign important documents and participate in registration procedures. All documentation must be translated into Serbian.

In addition, registration of an organization in Serbia requires the following:

  • opening a bank account in a transit format, to which a part of the Criminal Code is entered, provided for by the requirements;
  • submitting an application to the agency along with a set of relevant documents, namely, with confirmation of the identity of each of the founders of the company, the Statute of the company and the constituent agreement, a certificate from the banking institution stating that the funds were credited, etc.;
  • making a registration fee.

The application must be filled in 2 copies. If this is a limited company, the application clearly indicates the amount of the contribution of each of the participants. All documents must be certified by a government judicial authority. Non-residents conducting business transactions within the country are required to pay tax.

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