PSP license in Kazakhstan

PSP license in Kazakhstan

An institution that supports money transfers is required to obtain a PSP license in Kazakhstan. Credit cards, debit cards, cash cards, e-wallets, banking transfers, and many other options are permitted to be provided by an institution when granted a permit.

What is it?

The state agency and the Department of Finance have to both approve your registration as an LLC and for issuing the Payment Service Provider License in Kazakhstan. The permit authorizes you to assist clients from different states.

It allows you to provide a wide spectrum of assistance. Such as:

  • e-wallet assistance,
  • consults about finances,
  • deposit-taking operator operations,
  • remittance proceedings,
  • debit cards distribution,
  • being a host for multiple operating systems for currency and cryptocurrency dealings,
  • and programming, even though as a PSP in Kazakhstan you may be mainly applied to funds transmitting.

The fact that such a permit covers such a broad scope of operations under one permit makes it special.

How do you get a PSP license in Kazakhstan?

A step-by-step strategy is needed to obtain a permit:

  • collecting the papers and drawing up a power of attorney;
  • setting up a local enterprise and registering it in the Commercial Registry;
  • opening a banking account for the enterprise when it was established;
  • gathering of legal paperwork and necessary details for applying for a permit.

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