Temporary residence permit in Ukraine

Of the ways of legal residence, many prefer to get a temporary residence permit. It should be issued if you do not have the opportunity to obtain a permanent residence permit.


To acquire a temporary view of the place of residence, you must have certain grounds. All of them are enshrined at the legislative level, clearly stated and do not require an extended interpretation.


Multiple conditions must be met:

  1. Official employment in Ukraine.
  2. Study in Ukraine.
  3. Reunion with her husband or wife, provided that they are citizens of Ukraine.
  4. Return to a husband or wife who has a legal basis to stay in Ukraine.
  5. Marriage with a citizen or a citizen of Ukraine.
  6. Implementation of international technical assistance projects.
  7. Religious reasons.
  8. Work in non-governmental institutions of foreign countries.
  9. Cooperation with foreign companies or banks.
  10. Volunteering
  11. Work in the status of a correspondent or representative of foreign media.
  12. The position of the founder (founder / owner) of an enterprise that is registered in Ukraine and is subject to your control.


  1. Personal meeting with the client, familiarization with the documents. We answer all your questions and draw up a plan for further action.
  2. We make the preparation of a complete package of documentation, in order to avoid problems in the future.
  3. Transfer of documents to the migration service, the decision of all the nuances.
  4. View promotion review of your question.
  5. The answer to immigration.
  6. Preparation of a package with all the documents for registration of a residence permit. Sending them to the migration service.
  7. We give documents about a residence permit to you.


So that we can apply for a residence permit, you should take with you:

  1. proof of your identity (passport);
  2. a document confirming your criminal record (we can issue);
  3. a certificate from the hospital (we can arrange it).

This is enough so that we can assist you. Our company will be able to issue the rest of the information for you. These services are already included in the total cost.

No reason to panic. By consulting a lawyer of Eternity Law International, you can solve the problem in a short time. Our company will do everything for you to obtain a temporary residence permit. If there are no grounds for this, we will create them.

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