Company registration in Slovakia

Slovakia is not a standard offshore zone. However, this does not make this jurisdiction less interesting for foreign investors. The legislative base of Slovakia provides for the creation of organizations such as JSC. For such companies, the authorized capital is set at 25,000 euros. Also, you can register an LLC – the minimum charter capital is 5,000 euros. Companies are not allowed to issue bearer shares in the absence of par value.

An individual who is not a resident of the state can act as a director. It is important that the company has at least 1 director. The data of this person shall be entered in an open register. There are no requirements for shareholders’ residency. Individual entrepreneurs and legal entities can also be shareholders.

Slovakia provides for the absence of the possibility of double payment of tax levies, about which the relevant agreements have been signed. It is also not necessary to organize audits. However, reporting is required.


Legal entities whose activities directly affect the Slovak jurisdiction must pay tax on their profits to the state treasury, which is 22%. The income tax is quite low. It is 19%. VAT – 20%. Sometimes another figure of 10% can be applied. Dividends are not taxed. Excise duty must be paid by companies whose business activities are the following:

  • strong alcoholic drinks and alcohol;
  • beer, beer products and wine;
  • electricity;
  • tobacco products and tobacco itself;
  • fuel of mineral origin;
  • any type of gas.

Setting up a company in Slovakia is beneficial because it can be used as a main holding company with several subsidiaries located in the EU and outside the Union. This is a legal way to optimize taxation.

By opening a company in this country, you can bring your business to an international level, while protecting your investments in a reliable way.

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