Company registration in Malta

Registration cost 3. 775 Eur
Company renewal cost 2. 875 Eur
Directors number 1
Corporate tax 35.00 %
Registered share capital 240.00
Mandatory reporting requirements Yes

Company documents:

  • Apostilled Articles of Association
  • Minutes of the Meeting
  • Apostilled Opinion Letter of Board of Directors
  • Protocol
  • Share Certificates
  • Apostilled Resolutions of the Subscribers

Cost of services of a nominee director and shareholder is 1 200 EUR.

Malta has been a member of the EU since 2004. Since then, Malta has been on a course to become the center of the European business community. Its highly competitive tax regime provides the lowest effective corporate tax rate within the European Union.

In addition to tax benefits, investors value English as the official language, the convenience of the EURozone, professional accounting and a corporate environment.


  • The minimum number of directors is 1 (the best option is a local nominee director). However, a company may have foreign directors, including corporate directors.
  • If the director is an individual, one shareholder is not allowed. With a corporate director, the Company must have at least 2 shareholders (nominee services are provided).
  • Company secretary required.
  • Registered capital is € 1,250
  • The amount of the state fee depends on the size of the authorized capital (from the share capital up to € 1,500 The state fee is € 390).
  • The beneficiary is disclosed in the Register of Enterprises.

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A Maltese VAT company acts for general trading purposes due to its unique tax regime. When dividends are paid from a trading company to its non-resident shareholder, that shareholder is entitled to claim refund at the 35% tax rate paid by the company. 6/7 of the tax amount is returned to the non-resident shareholder. As a result, the general rate is reduced to 5%.

Refunds are guaranteed and paid by the Internal Revenue Department to shareholders 14 days after the application is submitted.

The main advantages of a company in Malta are the following:

  • A 6/7 refund of income tax paid (at a rate of 35%) reduces the effective tax rate to less than 5%.
  • Tax residency certificates are provided subject to management and control in Malta.
  • The EU VAT registration number takes about 2 weeks.
  • Malta is in the EU.


Dividend income is 100% exempt from tax if a Maltese company owns at least 10% of shares in foreign companies, or invests in a subsidiary for more than 1.5 million euros for more than 183 days.

A foreign subsidiary must comply with one of the following rules:

  • Registered in the EU,
  • Pays more than 15% corporate tax in any country,
  • 50% or more of his income comes from trading

CORPORATE INCOME TAX (CIT): Resident companies are taxed at 35% worldwide income tax. The amount of tax refund (up to 100%) depends on the structure of the company.

INCOMING DIVIDENDS: 0% if exemption applies.

Capital Gains Tax (CGT): 0% if exemption applies.

Malta Repatriation Tax

  • Royalty: 0%
  • INTEREST: 0%
  • BILATERAL tax treaties with 57 countries including Cyprus and the UAE.
  • VALUE ADDED TAX (VAT). EU VAT regime. The standard rate for domestic sales is 18%.

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