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Company registration in Costa Rica

December 22, 2020

Many entrepreneurs establish companies in this particular jurisdiction. The data of foreign investors is reliably protected due to the fact that Costa Rica has entered into an extremely limited number of agreements on the exchange of information. Income that comes to the state from other countries is not taxed. Tax fees are levied solely on transactions carried out within the jurisdiction. What else attracts foreign capital owners is the opportunity to obtain a residence permit in Costa Rica by investing 200+ thousand dollars in the development of a local commercial structure. In general, Costa Rica is an offshore zone loyal to foreigners.

Documents and registration

This jurisdiction offers several of the following forms of business:

  • Sociedad Anonima. It is the most commonly used form and is a joint stock corporation in nature. Registration of such a company requires 2+ founders and a starting capital of $ 100 (currency does not matter). 25% of the capital is paid immediately. The members of the company must organize meetings at least once a year. Such meetings can be held in any country. In addition, it will be necessary to hire a registered agent through which communication with the authorities of regulatory institutions would take place. The agent must be a resident of Costa Rica.
  • Limited Partnership. This form is similar to the CCW. Such a firm must distribute shares among the founders, who are classified as one of two types of partners: general, with no restrictions on liability, and limited, whose liability depends on the size of the contribution.
  • Sociedad Limitada – corporate enterprise with a limited type of liability, General Partnerships without limitation regarding liability and Public Limited Liability Companies. These forms are not as popular as the above.

In order to create a company in Costa Rica, you need to create capital in the amount of $ 50-100,000. The specific amount depends on the characteristics of a particular business structure and zone. You can buy an offshore company in this jurisdiction in one of 12 regions. Each year, the company submits reports to the relevant institutions, indicating there only those activities that the company is engaged in within the state.

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If you have any questions or need advice on registering or buying a company, call us at the phone numbers listed on the website, or write to us in the CRM form located at the bottom of the page. Our specialists will answer you online.

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