Crypto license in Malta 2023

Crypto license in Malta 2023

Malta was interesting location for crypto-providers and crypto firms for quite a long time until 2018, when the legislation changed. Large currency exchange firms opened their offices here, which was due to an increase in the loyalty of the regulative frames and an increase in the level of transparency of crypto operations. Due to changes in laws in 2018, the conditions for obtaining Malta Virtual Financial Asset (VFA) license have become tougher.

It is now very difficult for foreign commercials to get licensed in this jurisdiction, especially for crypto-exchanges. But considering all rules and collecting correct package of documents, it is still possible to obtain Malta cryptocurrency exchange license.

Basic acts for Malta’s crypto license

  1. Malta Virtual Financial Assets Act is main ordinance regulating deals with cryptographic currencies. This document contains mandatory requirements applying to technical documentation, internal company rules, marketing strategies used by the enterprise, and so on. Under this act, Malta crypto exchanges and other organizations offering these services must be provided permissions for digital assets. It’s imperative to regularly publish data about enterprise operational models and other points determined by regulative norms.
  2. Innovation technologies activities and services – a document describing approbations of firms providing services connected with cryptocurrency in Malta and certification of enterprises that want to act as exchanges. The provisions of this act cover points that relate to soft, smart-contracts and other mechanisms for newly-developed technologies.
  3. Malta digital innovations – document governs the use of novelties in the field of information technologies in commercial deals, incl. decentralized developments, etc.

By fully complying with all MFSA norms, a firm providing cryptoservices is entitled to get cyptocurrency exchange license in Malta, conduct transactions engaging user finances, virtual means and crypto-keys.

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Obtaining cryptolicense in Malta

Permission that is issued for crypto exchange in Malta have several classes with different criteria for issuance.

  1. First-class Malta cryptocurrency license allows you to receive and transmit customers’ orders, conducting consultations regarding issues related to cryptocoins.
  2. Second category (VFA-services, operations in foreign currency except exchanges).
  3. Third-class Malta VFA license (all transactions except currency exchanges).
  4. Fourth class (VFA transactions, including with user monetary means).

VFA license issuance occurs after the regulator considers the documents submitted by enterprise. Firm must possess a physical office. Reputation of managers and other persons holding important positions in the firm must be impeccable.

  1. Establishment of a legal firm (LLC closed) with capital of 1165 EUR.
  2. Leasing a local office and hiring a minimum of three workers. Company’s head is allowed to be nominal representative.
  3. Documentation collection and completion for Maltese cryptocurrency license – data on monetary tools used by firm, defense mechanism and internal protocols, information on combating illegal money circulation, fraud, etc.
  4. Get approbation from authorization representatives.

If you want to engage in crypto-currency activities in Malta, but do not know how to obtain VFA license in Malta more profitably and correctly, contact professionals. The specialists of our firm have a huge work expertise and know all the nuances of paperwork and opening a bank account in Malta and other states. We also offer a list of ready-made companies for sale in more than a hundred jurisdictions. Contact us and we’ll answer all arising questions.

How to get a crypto license in Malta?

Obtaining this permit requires the establishment of a company within the jurisdiction and the submission of the appropriate package of documents to the local regulatory authority. Our experts support you at all phases of licensing, ensuring the correct passage of each stage.

Are crypto currencies legal in Malta?

Crypto-transactions are permitted there and covered by local regulative provisions. In addition, a firm that intends to conduct its activities in this direction must adhere to the rules established by the local regulator.

What is a VFA license in Malta?

This’s permission to carry out and supervise operations related to crypto-currencies. Malta offers several classes of this type of license covering certain services.

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