Company registration in Estonia

Estonia has a lot of advantages in comparison to other European countries. Estonia is considered the most progressive e-state in the EU. The electronic system of business governance improved the investment attractiveness of the country, reduced the time for business foundation and administrative fees.

In addition, Estonian lawmakers initiate changes quite rarely, so investors can expect certain stability. All laws related to the organization and business conduction are collected in one document – the Commercial Code of Estonia.

Main characteristics of Estonian jurisdiction

  1. no double taxation;
  2. 0% corporate tax on profit;
  3. 20% VAT;
  4. electronic reporting and tax paying system. You have to make only 8 tax payments per year;
  5. investors may apply for a long-term working visa or residence permit;
  6. foreign citizens may apply for electronic citizenship, even without a permanent residence in Estonia.


Before applying the company’s registration, you should gather a package of documents:

  1. a few naming’s for the future company, in case some of the variants are already occupied;
  2. personal documents of each shareholder and beneficiary, among them: domestic passport and foreign passport. If you have a driving license, it is also possible to submit it;
  3. address of the company, as it must have a real office in Estonia;
  4. the activity of the company and the territory of services distribution. If you plan to cover other European markets, it is necessary to state them in your application.

The minimal capital of the company is 2500 EUR. The company can be registered as a limited partnership or limited liability company – this requirement is reflected in domestic legislation.

The process of company registration may take approximately 20 days.

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