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Having decided to open their own business or a new firm in another state, entrepreneurs are faced with the point of obtaining a license as an official permission to conduct activities. What kind of licensing is needed based on jurisdiction where the enterprise intends to operate and the scope of the enterprise.

  • Czech crypto company for sale registered as LLC

    Europe, Czech Republic Crypto licenses for sale

    This is a new investment opportunity – Czech crypto company for sale. Please check out the main details regarding this proposal below. Czech crypto company: key considerations Dormant crypto company without bank account (bank account could be supplied upon request); Company is registered as LLC in 2023; Share capital of CZK 10,000; Local director required…

    Company with Polish licensed SPI and Canadian MSB for sale

    North America, Canada Payment & E-Money Institutions

    New investment proposal – company with Polish licensed SPI and Canadian MSB for sale. The general information regarding this offer is provided below. SPI in Poland and MSB in Canada for sale: details of the transaction The legal entity was incorporated in August 2023. The company is authorized for the provision of the following scope…

    Forex license in SVG w/ payment setups with B2BinPay and LetKnow for sale

    North America, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Forex brokers

    New investment proposal – Forex license in SVG for sale. Key details regarding the offer are listed below. Forex license for sale: overview of the transaction Type of the license: A company with a Forex and Technology license in St. Vincent and the Grenadines registered with FSA. Year of registration: 2022. Bank accounts: Corporate bank…

    Fully Operational Greek Investment Firm license for sale

    Europe, Greece Asset Management

    New investment opportunity – Operational Greek Investment Firm License For Sale. You can check out the primary information regarding this deal below. Investment firm license in Greece for sale: details of the transaction On offer is a licensed investment firm for sale regulated by the HCMC. The entity operates in the sector of investments, financial…

    Regulated financial institution in Singapore for sale w/ relationships with 15+ international banks

    Asia, Singapore Payment & E-Money Institutions

    New investment opportunity – Regulated financial institution in Singapore for sale. The general information regarding this proposal is provided below. CMS company for sale: deal details This is a Capital Markets Services (CMS) company for sale in Singapore under the regulation of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). This business was registered in 2020 and…

    Currency exchange company in UK for sale

    Europe, UK Forex brokers

    This is a new investment opportunity – сurrency exchange company in UK for sale. Please check out the main details regarding this proposal  below. Currency exchange company in UK: key considerations UK Private limited company registered in 2020; Authorized to provide Foreign Currency Exchange; Regulated by HM Revenue&Customs (HMRC); Company has no trading history; Easy…

    Type 9 (Asset Management) Licence In Hong Kong For Sale

    Offshore, Hong Kong Asset Management

    New investment proposal – Type 9 (Asset Management) Licence in Hong Kong for sale. You can check out the main details of the opportunity below. Hong Kong asset management license for sale: overview of the transaction Type of the authorization: SFC license allowing for type 9 regulated activities; Year of entity registration: 2017; Status of…

    Ready Setup Multi-Currency Neobank In The United Kingdom For Sale

    Europe, UK Banks for sale

    New offer – ready setup multi-currency neobank for sale. Main details of the proposal are listed below. Neobank in the UK for sale: details of the transaction UK incorporated entity; Accounting firm in place; Business bank account with Wise; Brand identity with a registered trademark in UK and EU; Several brand domain names; Website integrated…

    Digital Asset Exchange In The UK For Sale

    Europe, UK Crypto licenses for sale

    Available: Digital Asset Exchange in the UK for sale. Main details of the proposal are provided below. UK DAE for sale: details of the transaction The exchange for sale has the following solutions: setup and configuring of the digital asset exchange platform fiat wallet (Euro and British Pound) fiat funding; deposit and withdrawals via UK…

    Multi-currency neobank in the UK for sale

    Europe, UK Banks for sale

    For the attention of the interested investors: multi-currency neobank for sale. You may check out the main details of this proposal below. Neobank for sale: details of the transaction The company partners with a fintech firm for the provision of such solutions as: setup and configuring of the payment platform; multi-currency account issuing; UK FPS,…

    UK API and Lithuanian AEMI with 20-year history for sale

    Europe, UK EMI License

    This is a new investment opportunity – a 20-year old money transfer business for sale. Please check out the main details regarding this proposal below. 20-year old money transfer business: key considerations Business consists of UK API and Lithuanian AEMI. UK entity Safeguarding account, 6 e-money accounts; 20 people on UK payroll and 3 more…

    Indonesia FX/CFD STP Broker for sale

    Asia, Indonesia Forex brokers

    New investment proposal – Indonesia FX/CFD STP Broker for sale. The primary information about this offer is available below. FX/CFD STP Brokerage firm for sale: details of the transaction Type of the license: STP broker license (Pialang), obtained in 2006; Year of registration: 2006; Current status of the company: dormant; Bank accounts: segregated accounts at…

    FX/CFD STP Broker in Indonesia w/office in Jakarta for sale

    Asia, Indonesia Forex brokers

    New investment opportunity – FX/CFD STP Broker in Indonesia for sale. The general information about this proposal is provided below. STP License for sale: details of the transaction Type of the authorization: STP broker license (Pialang) in Indonesia, obtained in 2004; Year of registration: 2004; Current status of the legal entity: dormant; Bank accounts: two…

    Cooperative bank in Poland with SWIFT/SEPA connections for sale

    Europe, Poland Banks for sale

    This is a new investment opportunity – cooperative bank in Poland for sale. Please check out the main details regarding this proposal below. Cooperative bank for sale: key considerations Polish cooperative bank for sale; Correspondent accounts in USD and EUR; Bank is connected to SWIFT and SEPA; Bank is connected to VISA, MC payment systems;…

    Ready-made MSO license in Hong Kong with several bank accounts for sale

    Offshore, Hong Kong Payment & E-Money Institutions

    This is a new investment opportunity – MSO license in Hong Kong for sale. Please check out the main details regarding this proposal below. MSO license in Hong Kong: key considerations The company was incorporated in 2016; Currently dormant, but will be renewed in 2023; Activities (money exchange and money transfer services); Several bank accounts;…

    What is a business license?

    Commercial licenses are special permits to operate, which are issued by the regulatory authorities of the country where the company operates. Such permission allows entrepreneurs to work legally, enter large markets, attract more customers and potential partners, open branches and maintain a clean reputation.

    Having received a license, the company can operate completely legally without being afraid that the state authorities may revoke activities at any time or impose any penalties.

    Who needs a business license and when

    A business license is required for firms conducting socially significant or risky deals. Particularly, this list includes the medical industry, the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes, gambling and the provision of financial services. In different states, licensing conditions are different, so entrepreneurs are free to choose a more convenient and tax-favorable option for themselves.

    To obtain permission, an entrepreneur must have an established commercial structure locally where the permit will be issued. Also, all the requirements of the local regulator and the regulatory framework, put forward in relation to the level of professionalism of employees, authorized capital and other things, must be met.

    What you need to remember when getting license for sale

    If you decide to get business license for sale, you need to examine whether corporate documentation and tax-reporting are in proper condition. This aspect is especially important for firms operating in areas of activity that have not yet received strong regulation in some jurisdictions, or are associated with certain risks. These include, in particular, licenses for cryptocurrency.

    It is also worth carefully studying the history of operations and interactions of the enterprise for resale with market participants, get acquainted with its reputation, the level of reliability from the legal side, assess the condition of the technical equipment, if any, etc., if the company has previously conducted any activity.

    Entrust our professionals with the identification of pitfalls in order not to run into problems in the future.

    1. An experienced lawyer will check constituent documentation and firm’s Statute, lease agreements, the presence of a trademark and the right to it.
    2. An accountant or an economist will be able to analyze the financial side, track debts and view accounting reports.
    3. A knowledgeable marketer checks the competition, the market, the product, and evaluates the brand as a whole.

    How to buy an offshore business with a license

    Getting a ready-for-use offshore business license for resale is one of the easiest ways to open commercials in another state. The potential owner will have access to reduced tax rates, favorable infrastructure and new markets.

    To buy a company with official permit, you need:

    • choose the scope of work, type of company;
    • decide on a budget;
    • find suitable market offers;
    • superficially check the selected companies for sale, excluding them from the list of suspicious ones;
    • make a deep check of tax, accounting and statutory documents and licenses of companies that remained on the list;
    • identify leaders, and then – the most suitable option;
    • deal with an experienced lawyer.

    In order not to enter into a deal with scammers and not to buy an offshore license with hidden problems, it is better to immediately entrust this business to professionals. Our company has been dealing with business licenses for sale for many years and knows exactly how to choose and check any firm correctly. We’ll find perfect conditions for clients and ensure the acquired enterprise is clear and with a good reputation.

    How to sell a company with a license

    When planning to sell your own licensed company, you can independently prepare all the paperwork, re-register, search for clients, which will take many months, or even years. Or you can offer a deal to a specialized company. Our experts perform due diligence on documentation and then add your commercials to our list of ready-made companies for sale.

    We assist buyers and sellers to find each other and securely conduct a deal that will be beneficial to all parties.

    License for sale: why you need the help of specialists to buy and sell a business license

    Our experts help you complete deal with business license for sale as quickly as possible. At the same time, experts independently negotiate and enter into bidding. We already have a database of offers and customers, so the process will not drag on for a long time, as in the case of an independent purchase and sale.

    Specialists prepare all documentation, carry out checks and take care of all organizational and legal issues.

    We have a big experience with the sale and acquisition of ready-made structures and licenses, as well as, with resale deals, so we know how to do everything right and without any hassle.

    What do our services include?

    To become the owner of a ready licensed company or to sell an existing one turning to the help of our professionals, you will not have to wait long. The procedure of getting licenses for sale is carried out as soon as possible in compliance with all requirements.

    1. We help you select the right variants and check every nuance.
    2. We offer you the appropriate jurisdiction and type of commercials, if you have not decided yet.
    3. Re-registration only takes a couple of days.

    Having successfully completed the enterprise purchase, you’ll receive a complete package of documents that will confirm your ownership-rights and allow you to start your activities.

    How much does an offshore company with a license cost

    Alas, there are a lot of sales offers on the Internet with very favorable conditions. But when it comes to actually buying a licensed firm, the price increases dramatically. The real price of a ready-made offshore is formed without considering the cost of a license. Licensing is a rather complex and expensive process, nevertheless, and it is more profitable to work with legal permission, since enterprise immediately acquires legitimacy and can provide proper security for clients. At the same time, if the firm hasn’t worked before, it will be mandatory to pay all commissions for the maintenance of the company for previous years, while it was open and waiting for you.

    That is why in this case you should immediately turn to our experts – experienced professionals who work with many partners around the world and know the nuances of each market.

    What kind of ready-made license can I buy?

    Licenses for sale can vary depending on the type of business and the industry. They might include licenses for operating specific types of businesses, professional services, or regulated activities.

    What documents are needed to buy a ready license?

    The documents required can vary by jurisdiction and the type of ready license you’re buying. Typically, for deals with business license for sale you would need identification, proof of address, business details, and any necessary legal documents.

    How can I check if a ready-made license is up to date?

    You can typically verify the current status and validity of a license for sale by proactively reaching out to the appropriate licensing authority within your specific jurisdiction. Alternatively, you can conduct a comprehensive validation process by meticulously reviewing the updated information available on online databases that are diligently maintained and overseen by various relevant government agencies responsible for licensing oversight.

    Buying a ready-made license or registering on your own?

    The decision between getting a business license for resale and registering on your own depends on factors such as time, expertise, and your comfort level with the legal and administrative processes. Buying a ready-made license might save time, but it’s essential to ensure its legitimacy.

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