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Antigua and Barbuda Forex License

June 9, 2023

The offshore jurisdiction of Antigua and Barbuda has gained fame in two global areas and commercial aspects at once. In particular, the state has become known throughout the world as the center of online gambling, and has received the status of a jurisdiction that offers an excellent and very profitable program for businessmen to obtain citizenship by investment. Therefore, Antigua and Barbuda is attractive to international capital holders. In addition to gambling, this country is also popular for Forex startups.

Our company provides qualified support in the establishment and licensing of companies in various commercial areas. We offer an extensive range of corporate services for business start-ups and those who wish to expand their commercial project.

Antigua and Barbuda forex license requirements

The opportunity to obtain a Forex license in this jurisdiction is optimal in terms of general conditions and a profitable option that is suitable for most entrepreneurs. The licensing procedure cannot be called too complicated and filled with all sorts of ornate nuances, but at the same time it has a number of specific features that directly affect the likelihood of licensing a Forex project.

  1. If an entrepreneur intends to establish and license a Forex platform in Antigua and Barbuda, this will require the following steps to be completed.
  2. Rent an office and get an officially approved local legal address.
  3. Appoint at least one director and register at least one person as a shareholder. Both individuals and legal entities can obtain the previously given status within the framework of the company. There are no residency requirements.
  4. Pay all mandatory contributions, the amount of which is fixed and established by the state.
  5. Appoint a registered agent who must be an Antigua resident
  6. Appoint a secretary. There are no residency requirements. It is possible to use a nominal service.
  7. There are no requirements for authorized capital.

Often this is enough to register a company on the territory of the islands. After that, you can submit a request to the regulator: if the company complies with the requirements of the law, you will be granted a license.

Since the procedure for licensing international companies has some difficulties, even despite the general loyalty and focus of the jurisdiction on pleasant cooperation, we recommend that you resort to the help of our specialists. We will take care of all the difficulties that may arise at almost any stage.

Types of forex licenses in Antigua and Barbuda

The foreign exchange market is the largest trading environment in the world. Entering this industry as a broker can prove to be an extremely lucrative and rewarding move. In most jurisdictions, to become a forex broker, you need to purchase a license.

The process of obtaining a license differs significantly in each country, so you should find out the specific requirements in the selected jurisdictions, and then finally decide on the right place to open a brokerage company. In particular, in the jurisdiction we are talking about, only one general license is offered, which covers activities related to the Forex market. The license gives the official right to provide the following services:

  • carrying out operations with orders related to financial instruments;
  • registration and implementation of orders on behalf of customers;
  • conclusion and execution of transactions at their own expense;
  • management of securities portfolios;
  • recommendations for investing money by clients;
  • underwriting with financial instruments;
  • administration of financial instruments;
  • investment services;
  • consulting services related to trading and currency exchange;
  • currency exchange.

Our company is ready to offer you professional assistance in launching your project in hundreds of different jurisdictions, for example, a Forex broker in Vanuatu, Saint Lucia, the Marshall Islands and other commercial and cost-effective areas.

Advantages of forex licenses in Antigua and Barbuda

If an entrepreneur needs a Forex license to become officially-approved trader in this jurisdiction, he can fully count on a certain list of privileges and benefits after the activity permit is successfully obtained. Notable among them are the following:

  • no obligation to pay taxes for international firms;
  • many international corporations and major Forex market players cooperate with this jurisdiction, which can be attracted to potential cooperation;
  • companies receive the official right to advertise service and enter the UK market, in particular, to attract customers and investors from this country;
  • there is no need to provide documented evidence of the presence of authorized capital when applying.

Procedure for obtaining a forex license in Antigua and Barbuda

Permission to conduct any type of financial activity is issued by the local branch of the Financial Services Regulatory Commission (FSRC). Obtaining a Forex license in this jurisdiction is carried out in several stages.

  1. The official establishment of a company in the jurisdiction and bringing it into line with the requirements put forward.
  2. Applying for a permit.
  3. Opening a bank account and a merchant account.
  4. Payment of state fees, which are provided and established in a fixed amount by the state.
  5. Immediate approval.

In addition to the fact that the firm provides personal data about directors and beneficiaries, it is also necessary to demonstrate documentary evidence of an appropriate and clean reputation in commercial and sufficient financial condition. In addition, you must obtain and provide a Certificate confirming the reliability of the software, which must be tested by an authorized and qualified organization.

Taxation of forex companies in Antigua and Barbuda

This jurisdiction is quite profitable in terms of paying tax duties, since it is offshore in its classical sense. Forex trader established in the jurisdiction is not liable for income tax, dividends, royalties and interest.

What is included in our services

Our company is a team of qualified specialists in the field of licensing and establishment of commercial structures. We operate worldwide and provide comprehensive professional assistance to companies in hundreds of jurisdictions. Our list of services includes the following.

  1. Registration of firms and bringing them into line with the requirements that are put forward at the level of jurisdictions chosen by our clients.
  2. Preparation and collection of the necessary package of documents, the number and format of which also depends on the jurisdiction directly.
  3. Obtaining an appropriate permit to conduct activities, subject to the requirements for its mandatory presence in a particular country.
  4. Comprehensive support at every stage of the establishment of commercial structures and licensing, in particular, interaction with local regulators.
  5. Opening account for corporate purposes and merchant account.
  6. Advising on any issues related to licensing and launching business projects.

Our managers are constantly in touch with you. You can contact us at any time convenient for you.

How much does a forex license in Antigua and Barbuda cost?

The cost of obtaining this permit is calculated individually in each case. Our experts will help you not only calculate the total costs required, but will also make every effort to optimize your budget. Our goal is the most profitable and comfortable launch of a business project for you.

Our advantages

Our company will become your reliable ally on the commercial path. We will not only accompany you at every stage, but also provide inviolable guarantees of the effectiveness and success of our work.

  1. Our team consists of only professional and qualified experts with an inexhaustible baggage of specialized knowledge and many years of experience in this field.
  2. We are focused only on honest and transparent cooperation. We will not hide any nuances from you, and you can completely entrust us with the launch of your business.
  3. Hundreds of satisfied customers and successful commercial results worldwide.
  4. An extensive list of corporate services covering all aspects of launching and licensing business activities.

We guarantee you a successful, profitable and fastest result. Our company also offers a large number of turnkey commercial projects for sale. Contact us right now.

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