Company registration Seychelles

Registration cost 1.100 Eur
Company renewal cost 950,00 Eur
Directors number 1
Corporate tax 0.00 %
Registered share capital 0.00
Mandatory reporting requirements No

Company documents:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Apostille of the bound set of copies of Сonstitutive documents
  • Share Certificates
  • Apostilled Subscriber’s Resolution
  • Resolution of first shares allotment
  • Cost of services of a nominee director and shareholder is 500 EUR

Seychelles offshore company nominee service documents

  • Resolution effecting the issuing the Power of Attorney
  • Apostilled Power of Attorney
  • Consent Letter (from the Nominee Director to take position)
  • Nominee Director’s Declaration
  • Deed of Trust (Declaration of Trust from Nominee Shareholder)

Seychelles International Business Companies (IBC) are intended for use outside of Seychelles and cannot conduct business in the Seychelles. They are a popular choice due to their low cost, ease of administration, privacy, and tax-free status. Seychelles is still an acceptable jurisdiction for some international banks, as this jurisdiction is not blacklisted by the OECD or FATF. In addition, a stable and independent country that is not a dependent overseas territory of a European state is not affected by EU directives.


  • No minimum registered capital requirement
  • The minimum number of directors is 1 (non-resident and corporate director are permitted)
  • Confidentiality and Asset Protection: No shareholders, beneficial owners or directors are required to submit to any Seychelles government registry
  • Ease of management: No requirement to file financial statements or an annual income statement for a company in Seychelles. Regardless, registrants require records to be kept at the address where company records are kept.

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  • holding or protecting investments and assets such as real estate or shares, and other property
  • commercial transactions and international trade transactions
  • asset protection
  • consultations and personal service


Seychelles has tax-free status, including exemption from income tax on all:

  •  dividends,
  •  interest,
  •  rent,
  •  royalty,
  •  capital gains from the sale of company shares.

Instead of a tax, there is a flat annual state duty, as well as an annual registered agent fee.

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