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Company registration in Macau

December 22, 2020

In recent years, Macau has become more and more relevant offshore. The reason for this is a loyal tax environment, a high level of development of the financial sector and a fairly good reputation of this jurisdiction as a whole. The creation of an offshore company in Macau – Limited liability company by quotas – is an excellent example of successful tax planning.

The offshores of this autonomous territory are governed by Civil Law, which combines the key provisions of the German, English, Chinese and some other general legal framework).

Procedure and conditions for establishing a company in Macau

  • To register a company in Macau, it is enough to attract two shareholders and 1 director.
  • The jurisdiction of this region does not put forward requirements for the residence of shareholders.
  • The company should appoint a secretary if it has 10+ people. The secretary’s residency is not important, however, a legal entity cannot be assigned to this position.
  • Capital is payable in full. Its size is from 25 thousand MOP.
  • Company name in Chinese or Portuguese is allowed. The name should not repeat any of those already approved and used.
  • It is not permitted to issue bearer shares.

An offshore company in Macau can be classified into one of the following categories:

  • a firm entitled to provide services to third parties;
  • a company that provides ancillary services to the parent company.

In order to create an offshore structure in Macau, you must provide the following documents:

  • a business plan that indicates the size of the investment, the line of business, the conditions for hiring local employees, the area of ​​office space, etc .;
  • confirmation of the fulfillment of all items indicated in the business plan (provided after obtaining a license permit).

An offshore company in Macau must be physically located within the jurisdiction.


An offshore company in this region maintains accounting records on a mandatory basis. The firm must submit reports on turnover and financial condition annually. In addition, the company regularly conducts an audit if its annual turnover exceeds 50 thousand MPAs, and its capital is more than 100 thousand MPAs.

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