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Crypto license in Cyprus

May 16, 2023

Firms intending to establish a business-project in this jurisdiction and conduct crypto-activities need to send a special application to CySEC regulative authority to get a separate crypto-license. Process of becoming the owner of such a permit as crypto-license in Cyprus contains some nuances and requires special attentiveness from the business-owner, however, owning Cypriot crypto-currency firms gives a lot of privileges.

Privileges that Cyprus cryptocurrency license offers

Recently, CySEC issued a specific normative act connected with formation of a separate Register, where firms providing crypto-services are needed to be entered. Thus, according to Cyprus cryptocurrency regulation, all crypto-exchanges and other firms get appropriate permission and are included in Register.

Among pros such official permission as cryptocurrency exchange license in Cyprus gives, some of next-mentioned may be distinguished.

  1. Transparent legislative frameworks, which spell out and designate clear and precise rules by which crypto-business must operate. CySec norms and standards are quite simple and expected, as it has vast expertise in controlling crypto-currencies and brokerage-firms.
  2. It’s a fairly convenient jurisdiction for the launching and development of a crypto-business. Owners of crypto-companies have no difficulty in seeking highly-qualified experts to hire. This is due to fact specialized events are organized and held on the island, which unite businessmen and interested investors world-wide.
  3. Crypto-license in Cyprus provides opportunities to open accounts in local banking institutions. Plenty of European countries do not provide such a variant.
  4. Comfortable taxation and loyal rates.

Businesses for sale in Cyprus

Cyprus ready-made forex company for sale

Europe, Cyprus
Jurisdiction: Cyprus (CySEC) License Type: MM Year of Incorporation: 2015 Year of License: 2015 HQ: Cyprus Bank: Hermes Bank (St.Lucia) corporate and clients’ accounts, Privat Bank (Latvia) corporate account Capital Requirement: EUR 730,000 Firm Status: Dormant firm. Clean record. No open or unresolved legal issues. Current Employees: 3 in-house (2 Executive Directors, 1 Compliance Officer),…

Licensed Cyprus STP Firm for Sale

Europe, Cyprus
CIF type: STP Licensed Cyprus STP Firm for Sale. Investment services provided by the company: acceptance and delivery of orders for processing that relate to one or more instruments of the financial apparatus. Execution of orders on behalf of consumers. Services that are included in the list of additional: control and monitoring of the level…

Ready-made company with bank account in Cyprus for sale

Europe, Cyprus
Below you can see the information regarding the ready-made company in Cyprus for sale Ready-made company in Cyprus – whats included: Ready-made company in Cyprus for sale; Company with bank account; The company has opened bank account at Astrobank; Declared activities of company: marketing services; The company didn’t conduct any activities, no debts; Visit for…

Crypto exchange license in Cyprus: types

  1. Class-1. Starting capital is 50 thousand EUR. It covers investment advice and consultations.
  2. Class-2. Starting capital is 125 thousand EUR. It covers services covered by first type of permission, plus getting, passing and executing customers’ orders, exchanging cryptocurrencies among themselves and for real means, distributing and vending crypto-assets, placing crypto-assets, and controlling investment portfolios.
  3. Class-3. Services covered by the first two types of permits, and administration and passing of sites, keeping of crypto-assets and keys, placing of crypto-assets with organization commitments, deals under multilateral systems uniting several persons involved in sale and purchase of shares in crypto-assets.

Obtain crypto exchange licenses in Cyprus: basic rules and normative points

To become the owner of such a permit as Cyprus crypto license requires next-mentioned.

  1. Formation of a memorandum of association containing points about commercial nature and direction.
  2. Meeting initial capital norms.
  3. Presence of director. It needs to have a residence and relevant professional background, as well as pass the check of integrity and professional aptitude.
  4. Having local physical office-premises.
  5. Formation and fulfillment of internal control schemes. This is necessary so the regulator can make sure it has properly structured and efficient controlling mechanisms, contingency plans, security of servers and clients’ funds, and so on.
  6. The presence of 4 directors with relevant education and professional experience, as well as an impeccable reputation.

Companies that have become licensed need to send reports to regulative authority at regular intervals, and meet rules for preclusion of illegal circulation of funds.Our firm is ready to give you full assistance in getting crypto license Cyprus, accompanying you at each stage. We also possess many firms and licenses for sale in hundreds of jurisdictions. Contact us right now and we’ll take care of every nuance.

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