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ISO 28001: Supply Chain Management

September 13, 2021

Supply system is breakable in many sectors or causes public safety concerns. This situation leads to security gaps in private and public institutions and negatively affects companies. Such risks need to be identified in the supply mechanism for firms and effectively managed through accurate diagnostics. ISO 28001 enables enterprises to define and document reasonable levels of security in international supply chains and components. In this way, firms can make more accurate, risk-based security decisions in international deliver systems.

ISO 28001: Benefits for Business

One of ISO 28001 profits for enterprises is security risks reducing. Identifying safety hazards and acting appropriately, errors and damage are minimized. Another important advantage is the fulfillment of the obligations arising from the relevant directives, especially trading with European Union countries. Especially in transport activities, too many requirements meet this standard and the credibility of the company against the authorities’ increases.

The application of ISO 28001 also demonstrates the ability of companies to identify and manage security risks for customs authorities. ISO 28001 certified companies have an edge over the competition and add value to their brand. The benefits of implementing this standard are related to the assessment and subsequent development of management measures:

  • physical threats and risks of failure, for example: functional failures, accidental damage, malicious harm, or terrorist or criminal acts;
  • threats and risks arising in activities course, including security controlling, human factors and other points affecting operation, state and safety of company;
  • risks from natural phenomena (storm, flood, etc.) that may lead to fact that previously taken measures to ensure the safety and security of equipment will be ineffective;
  • factors outside the organization control, for example: equipment defects and lack of service provided by external enterprises;
  • risk threats from interested parties, for example: failure to comply with mandatory requirements or damage to reputation or brand;
  • designs and installations of safety equipment, including replacement, maintenance, etc.;
  • information communication systems;
  • threats to the continuity of operations.

Who May Be Interested in ISO 28000 Standard?

These structures may include the following representatives.

  • Manufacturers of goods independently carrying out full or partial delivery of goods.
  • Customs brokers.
  • Freight brokers.
  • Carriers (auto, railway, air, sea, river).
  • Container terminal operators.
  • Airports, sea and river ports, railway stations.
  • Warehouse complexes.

Why Is ISO 28001 Certificate Needed?

The ISO 28001 Certificate of Conformity is an official document certifying that supply chain security principles are adhered to within a particular enterprise. The implementation of the management system provided for by the specified standard is not a mandatory requirement of the current legislation. Registration of the ISO 28001 certificate is carried out by business entities exclusively on a voluntary basis.

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