Company registration in San Marino

San Marino is a small state surrounded by Italy on all sides. It is an autonomous country with a convenient legislative framework that provides foreign entrepreneurs with many opportunities to optimize and develop their own business projects. Any export and import operations in San Marino are exempt from any duties. The official currency is Euro.

The government structures of this state not only care about strengthening the reputation of San Marino at the international level, but also try to create convenient and profitable conditions for attracting foreign investment. Although San Marino is an offshore company in the traditional sense, the country’s registry is publicly available. But, the corresponding banking reforms and the assistance of the authorities contribute to the fact that foreign capital owners are more and more inclined towards this particular jurisdiction.

Certain advantages of San Marino are:

  • offshore companies are exempt from paying tax duties;
  • the standard tax is paid at a rate of 17%, according to a simplified scheme, the figure is 6.5%;
  • entrepreneurship is encouraged in every possible way, including government grants;
  • there are no accounting requirements, as well as requirements for the preparation of annual reports. An entrepreneur can independently make a decision regarding accounting and reporting;
  • information about the beneficiaries is hidden;
  • there are no requirements as to which country the shareholders and directors should be residents of;
  • no VAT;
  • no secretary needed.

Organizational forms for companies

For foreign investors who intend to start doing business on the territory of San Marino, several organizational forms are offered – JSC or organizations of an international commercial format. Among AOs, sp and s.p.a are distinguished. – they have a minimum capital of 256 thousand for the first option and 77 thousand for the second. Half of this amount must be paid within 2 months from the date the registration is completed.

In San Marino, you can also incorporate s.r.l. – LTD. The Criminal Code is 25,500 euros. You can also deposit it in parts – the first half is paid for the first 2 months, and the second – within three years.

The creation of a company in this jurisdiction takes place in several stages:

  • checking the name for the presence of repeating elements and admissibility for use;
  • fixing a legal address;
  • formation of the Statute and the Memorandum of Association, after which it is necessary to submit these documents to the relevant registration authorities;
  • payment of the state fee.

The entire procedure usually lasts no more than 1.5 months.

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