AS 9110: Aviation Space & Defense Maintenance

AS 9110 includes demands that are intended to be applied by all enterprises regardless of their type, size and product supplied. If any requirement of the standard cannot be applied due to the specifics of the organization and its products, it can be excluded. Certification and training services are actively promoted in the market to help you reduce risks and build confidence in your activities. Management mechanisms are essential to business success by helping to manage policies and processes that ensure that the company’s objectives are achieved and that risk mitigation in specific areas.

Main Certification Advantages


Certification according to a recognized AS 9110 standard demonstrates commitment to best practices and compliance with clients’ wishes. It is also a license to operate for many suppliers or participants in aerospace sector and is becoming even more important as the industry develops. This helps build trust by providing a competitive advantage and improving your reputation.


Each structure that has adopted this document will meet the needs of customers. The network of expert auditors, which provides the appropriate certificate, covers the whole world and is in close proximity to all major centers of aerospace production.


Aerospace participants need qualified, experienced auditors who know all relevant documents. AS 9110 covers complete product life cycle from design, development to production, supply, repair, overhaul, service support, part distribution and final product disposal.

Changes to Standard Provisions

The requirements for auditors of certification bodies have been tightened. Introduced so-called special audits of suppliers in aerospace industry, which can be carried out by representatives of interested parties (customers). The reason for such audits may be customer dissatisfaction with the delivered products. If significant inconsistencies in the activities of suppliers are revealed, it is possible to suspend the validity of certificates and terminate the validity of certificates, re-certification of the QMS. AS 9110 deficiencies in the work of auditors of certification bodies are identified, sanctions may be applied to them, up to the deprivation of the right to conduct audits.

The need for the above measures is dictated by the desire to comply with modern development trends and ever-increasing demands in aerospace sector in terms of safety, reliability, improving quality and economic business performance in face of limited and shrinking resources, as well as threats of terrorist attacks. The stringency of the new rules is aimed at eliminating unscrupulous manufacturers from the industry, whose products are the cause of aviation accidents.

The new rules will definitely increase the intensity of competition in the industry, ensuring success of those enterprises whose QMS are the most consistent with demands put forward. AS 9110 helps you to use natural resources responsibly, limit high-emissions activities, improve the traceability of natural products used in the aviation industry in the supply chain, and demonstrate social responsibility to stakeholders.

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