Company registration in Italy

Italy is a European country that has always been and remains attractive to entrepreneurs. This state is not a standard offshore, however, it offers no less favorable business conditions. Having a representative office in Italy is a sign of the company’s reliability and that it is respected in certain circles.

The most popular company forms available

Among the forms that Italian legislation defines for the existence and conduct of business, the following are the most popular:

  • LLC (italian SRL). The size of the initial capital depends on how many shareholders are in the company: 1 – 10 thousand euros, 2+ – 2.5 thousand euros. At least one director of a company must necessarily have a residence in any EU state. An audit should be carried out once a year. VAT reporting is submitted on a quarterly basis, and general tax reporting documents are submitted every year.
  • AO – (italian SPA). The company is entitled to issue bonds to support financial contributions to its activities. Each founder is liable in proportion to the amount of funds invested in the enterprise. An audit is mandatory. UK – 120 thousand euros (minimum), 25% of which are paid at the time of registration.
  • Partnership – (italian SAS). This type is suitable for small organizations with an annual turnover of no more than 2 million euros. Investors can manage the company with limited liability or not participate in the management.


The process of registration and further maintenance of a company in Italy imposes certain obligations on entrepreneurs regarding the payment of taxes.

  • Corporate – 27.5%
  • Local – 3.9%
  • Royalty – 22.5%
  • Capital increase – the same as for corporate
  • Dividends – 5

Advantages of this jurisdiction

What attracts investors in the Italian jurisdiction?

  • Kudos and status. This jurisdiction automatically raises the status of the enterprise in the eyes of other companies – potential partners – and banks.
  • Loyalty to the legislative framework. Italy has created a favorable and rewarding climate for the development of various areas of international business. The state apparatus supports investors from foreign countries, which in itself is very beneficial for investors.
  • Privilege. The tax burden can be somewhat lightened, even though Italy is not offshore.
  • Easy registration, especially when contacting specialists.
  • Possibility to use the services of nominee representation.

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