Eternity Law International News Regulation of EMI in Malta

Regulation of EMI in Malta

July 16, 2021

Malta is at the forefront of e-commerce regulation being one of the first of the EU countries that allowed standalone e-money institutions. This business model is considered to be very efficient since certain amendments to the regulatory regime have been made (for example, decrease of start-up capital to establish an EMI).

An E-Money Institution (“EMI”) is a financial entity licensed according to the Malta Financial Institutions Act and approved to issue E-money or that keeps an identical authorization in other countries in terms of the E-Money Directive.

Overview of EMI in Malta:

Also, such entities licensed to carry out the activities as follows, contingent on the prior authorization of the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA):

  • carry out payment services;
  • grant credits. Such credits shall not be provided from the funds obtained in exchange of E-money and held pursuant to the security requirements;
  • provide operational services and supportive services or to provide payment services as follows: payment transactions, foreign exchange solutions, safe keep actions, data processing and storage;
  • operate as a payment systems;
  • conduct other activities, subject to the appropriate laws controlling such activities.
  • EMIs regulated by the Financial Institutions Act. In 2011, Malta amended its regulatory regime towards EMIs due to which the start-up capital lowered from €1 million to €350,000. Consequently, this provides the opportunity for beginners and smaller operators to enter the market;
  • In comparison to credit institutions, EMIs take advantage of lower capital requirements.
  • Having one of the leading telecommunications networks in the EU, Malta is also drawing a growing amount of e-commerce companies;
  • Entities established in Malta take advantage of reduced operational costs such as salaries and office rents, contrasted to most EU countries.

The Financial Institutions Act (Cap. 376) defines whether a company would be regarded as belonging to a business group or opposite as regulated by another person. Anyway, in the case of reasonable doubt as to whether a company would demand that a license be issued in its favor pursuant to the Malta Financial Institutions Act, the cause would be decisively decided by the MFSA.

EMI in Malta fall under:

  • Financial Institutions Act;
  • Financial Institutions Rules.

Management Requirements:

  • EMI in Malta directed by at least 2 persons.

The process of formation

  • Initially, a preliminary discussion with the regulatory body determined.
  • If necessary, further preceding details may be provided for examination and discussion.
  • The applicant provides a duly filled out application form with related documents.
  • The regulator confirms the recipiency of the application within 3 working days after its obtaining.
  • The regulatory body verifies if the application form and documents provided have all the necessary information.
  • The regulator notifies the applicant within 10 working days of recipiency of the application about its status. (whether it has all the necessary data).
  • When all the necessary documents obtained, the regulatory body begins the estimation phase. The candidate shall be notified that the estimation phase normally continues for 3 months.
  • The application will be officially ratified or declined in 3 months from its recipiency. The case of failure by the regulatory body to validate the application  considered as a refusal.

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