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Brokers are intermediaries in sale and purchase of securities, real estate, precious metals or Forex. Firms with a Forex trader license receive a commission for conducting deals.

Features and prospects of Forex trading license

Brokerage is a stable income that does not depend on the season and economy. Services covered by Forex trading licence are always popular. In some crises, such kind of employment makes investment banking resilient, which is incredibly important for users. Such companies offer a spectrum of services that includes both traditional fiscal transactions and complex products.

Having made an analysis of the situations that arise during the financial crisis, it can be revealed that it is very promising to offer trust management-services for capital of wealthy people, consultation, deposits and attracting large investors. In addition, it should be noted that this activity is not associated with such high risks as, for example, the gambling industry.

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Forex broker license in Cyprus

As a member of the EU, today’s country is completely compliant with the EU Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID).

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Forex broker license in Estonia

The fact that a forex broker has a license to carry out professional activities is a key criterion in choosing a forex broker for traders. Licenses show which regulator controls the activities and quality of the company.

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Forex Broker Licence in Montenegro

If you want to organize a Brokerage Company that will deal with Global Online Trading, Forex, Investment Portfolio management, research and financial analysis in the area of investment, Montenegro is the right destination for you.

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UK Forex Brokerage License

MIFID is an EU law that regulates firms that provide services to clients related to “financial instruments, namely stocks, bonds, units in collective investment-schemes and derivatives, including also spaces where these tools are traded.

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Forex license in Japan

Most firms offering financial services are needed to possess such a permit as Forex license in Japan. It’s especially significant if they work with citizens or residents of the country.

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Forex license in South Africa

In this jurisdiction FSCA controls all transactions with crypto-currencies, in particular trade, in accordance with Financial Law.

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Forex broker license in the Czech Republic

According to Czech laws, forex broker services are generally classified as investment services. Companies carrying out Forex activities must have a special license from the Czech National Bank, regulated by the MIFID – the EU Directive on Financial Instruments in the EU Markets.

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Forex broker license in Serbia

If you want to organize a Brokerage Company that will deal with Global Online Trading, Forex, Investment Portfolio management, research and financial analysis in the area of investment, Serbia is the right destination for you.

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Forex broker license in Singapore

Forex broker license in Singapore. To obtain a license for a forex broker in Singapore, it is required that the company has a history of working in the forex market for at least 5 years.

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Forex broker license in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most attractive places to start a business thanks to unlimited entrepreneur opportunities. A significant number of traders from all the corners of the world choose it due to its favorable business climate.

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Antigua and Barbuda Forex License

The offshore jurisdiction of Antigua and Barbuda has gained fame in two global areas and commercial aspects at once. In particular, the state has become known throughout the world as the center of online gambling, and has received the status of a jurisdiction that offers an excellent and very profitable program for businessmen to obtain citizenship by investment. Therefore, Antigua and Barbuda is attractive to international capital holders. In addition to gambling, this country is also popular for Forex startups.

Which countries do require a Forex brokerage license?

Forex license is issued in jurisdictions where businesspersons can legally engage in Forex-activities:

  • USA;
  • Japan;
  • Cyprus;
  • Malta;
  • Belize;
  • Virgin Islands;
  • Latvia;
  • Czech Republic;
  • Australia;
  • Ireland;
  • Estonia;
  • Switzerland;
  • India;
  • Gibraltar;
  • Singapore;
  • Seychelles.

This list is far from complete, you can also get a Forex licence in Hong Kong, Panama, Bulgaria, Saint Vincent and Grenadines.

Forex broker license for sale: features of Forex-licensing in different countries

In different countries, conditions of getting Forex licenses differ in normative basis and level of monitoring over their deals. Consider most popular countries:

  • in America and Japan, regulators carefully monitor such a business, it is very difficult to obtain a license here, and it costs sky-high money;
  • in the UK they comprehensively control the brokerage-business and impose a lot of criteria on licensees;
  • in Cyprus and Malta it is difficult to obtain a license, but with reporting and control things are already a little easier;
  • Regulators in Belize and the British Virgin Islands give more staunch registration conditions. Audit is not as deep as in above-mentioned ones;
  • Latvia has become very common in recent years for brokers as it’s included in the EU and enjoys fiscal stability.

Selection of the country for getting a Forex trading company for sale depends on kind of activity you conduct. Newcomers are usually advised to open firms offshore, while established enterprises with high incomes can try their hand in lucrative and strictly-controlled areas.

Types of Forex brokerage for sale

Countries in which brokerage trading can be licensed are divided into 4 types, depending on the rules of the regulator and the cost of the permission itself.

  1. Type A are the most reputable permissions and are incredibly difficult to obtain. They’re released, for example, in USA and Switzerland.
  2. Type B – relatively expensive and very demanding countries, but they have less strict reporting and profit margins. This includes Australia and Britain.
  3. Type C – such licenses already have less stringent controls: Cyprus, Malta or New Zealand.
  4. Type D – there, normative points are much less, and the process of obtaining is as simple as possible. This includes many offshore states, such as Labuan, Vanuatu or Belize.

How to get a Forex broker license

To officially certify a brokerage company and get Forex broker company for sale in any country, businesspersons go through every step of the process and fill out all the documents correctly:

  • preparation of documentation and forms;
  • FX structure registration;
  • creation of a merchant account for corporate transfers;
  • sending of documents to regulatory bodies;
  • waiting for issuance of permission or submission of extra data.

In fact, getting a new license or Forex license for sale is a very complex and expensive process, and not everyone can handle it on their own. It is better to entrust all the work to professionals who know all the licensing steps, know how to correctly fill out and submit all documents and can guarantee obtaining FX broker permission in a short period.

How much does it cost to buy a FX broker license

Price of a Forex license offshore or in any other jurisdiction depends on chosen jurisdiction, complexity of process and other points. Our experts precisely calculate amounts that businesspersons need to be invested in the process. At the same time, we can promise that the license will be issued on time and there will be no additional problems during its execution.

What is included in the list of services?

  1. Personnel selection.
  2. Name check.
  3. Company establishment.
  4. Legal support of account opening.
  5. Preparation of application and sending of documentation to the regulator.
  6. Accounting.
  7. Reporting.
  8. Maintenance.

It’s just the main services we provide. Turning to our experts, and soon you’ll be able to officially implement brokerage activities in country of your choice and globally, and get a Forex trading company for sale. We also offer a wide spectrum of ready-made licenses for sale in hundreds of jurisdictions, including offshore, and comprehensive assistance in licensing any business in a variety of commercial areas.

Do Forex traders need a license?

In some jurisdictions, Forex activity is not subject to licensing. In those countries that require a special permit for Forex trading, such activities can only be carried out if this document is available. Our experts will help you with the choice of the most suitable jurisdiction.

Which Forex license is best?

There are several levels of Forex licenses. This division is due to the jurisdiction in which the entrepreneur intends to conduct his business. Each of the six categories includes specific countries. The fifth and sixth levels are offshore jurisdictions.

How do I become a certified Forex trader?

If the jurisdiction in which you intend to do business requires a permit, you will need to obtain a Forex license. To do this, it is necessary to establish a company in the jurisdiction and comply with all the rules and regulations established by the regulator.

Which country is easier to get Forex license?

The most favorable and loyal conditions for obtaining a Forex license are offered by Malta, Cyprus, Estonia, Singapore, Seychelles and some other jurisdictions. Our experts will provide you with comprehensive advice regarding the rules and regulations established by each jurisdiction.

Which country has the lowest Forex tax?

The lowest or even zero tax rates for Forex are offered by Cyprus, Estonia, as well as offshore jurisdictions such as Mauritius, the Cayman Islands, Labuan and some others. Subject to certain business conditions, entrepreneurs will be able to take advantage of tax incentives.

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