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Forex Broker License in Czech Republic

October 27, 2020

Czech is a fairly progressive country accepting and strongly supporting innovative technological developments and trends. Forex trading in this jurisdiction is officially allowed. Investors are given the opportunity to join EU commercial areas and take excellence of privileges that it grants. Czech Republic has developed a strong and strict yet loyal legal and regulative framework for Forex-trading, creating a favorable and appealing space for foreign entrepreneurs.

Our company grants comprehensive expert assistance in licensing and establishment of companies around the world. We work with a variety of commercial areas and areas. We also have an extensive list of shelf companies in Belize, Spain, Malta, Antigua and others.

Czech Forex-license requirements

To get Forex-license in Czech Republic, it’s necessary to fulfill several legal and regulatory norms that are put forward by countries and set by the local regulator. The general rules regarding the organization and structuring of the company, as well as, to the executives, are as follows.

  1. An entrepreneur needs to necessarily establish a local firm in one of the following forms: LLC with a supervisory board or JSC.
  2. The presence of an officially registered local office.
  3. Transparent and clean initial capital. In addition, the entrepreneur needs to provide an explanation of the origin of the capital.

As regards the applicant himself/herself, as well as persons holding leadership positions, they must provide confirmation that they have never been prosecuted.

Separately, for Forex Czech license it is necessary to take out the rules put forward in relation to size of starting capital:

  • 50.000 – 125.000 EUR – this amount is needed to obtain a broker permit, which covers a limited scope of investment service list. The amount of capital within these limits depends on the specific range and nature of services company intends to spread to consumers. Most often, 125.000 EUR is enough to initiate official Forex trading. Businessmen may pay in crown;
  • 730.000 EUR – for a Forex license without restrictions. In this case, it’s also possible to pay in crown.

It is worth noting documentation package required to be provided by the applicant:

  • a detailed and properly drawn up business plan containing real economic calculations;
  • personal information as for heads and workers;
  • a detailed plan regarding structure of organization;
  • a plan outlining investment services that firm will offer;
  • procedure, rules and mechanisms for the broker’s interaction with clients and potential partners;
  • the procedure for conducting business-activities, personal and commercial rules of work.

Our professionals are ready to grant you comprehensive support in collecting and preparing documentation and getting a Forex Czech Republic license. We will take care of all the nuances and aspects with which difficulties may potentially arise.

Types of FX-licenses in Czech

Several categories of Forex-licenses are available in this country.

  1. Full authorization is needed if firm intends to offer a complete list of core and additional services. The former include trading, issuing own business instruments, and issuing loans. The second category includes the delivery of safes and consulting activities, which is an additional parameter.
  2. Full resolution with some restrictions. The service list remains the same as in the previous paragraph, however, the conditions under which the company will operate and be present on the market are more stringent.
  3. Restricted permission, under which certain tools and services are prohibited. Particularly, it is forbidden to use client assets and financial resources.
  4. Basic permission or formal. The restrictions under this permit are very strict, however, the company receives official rights to offer standard services.

Advantages of Czech Forex-licenses

Forex-businesses launched in this country possess following privileges and benefits, which make the Czech Republic very attractive and profitable as a commercial space for capital-holders.

  1. Access to rights and opportunities granted to EU organizations.
  2. Membership in Schengen area.
  3. The jurisdiction is not present in the “gray” and “black” lists of global regulators.
  4. Complete information safety.
  5. Optimal commissions charged by local banking institutions for accounts.
  6. State interferes minimally and influences the economy and the commercial sector, which ensures that there is no mixing of norms and laws.
  7. Access to simplified options for obtaining a residence permit and citizenship based on running business-activities locally.
  8. A firm intending to become a Forex-license holder isn’t limited to local banking institutions.
  9. Minimum level of corruption and bureaucracy due to strict and independent regulation.
  10. Stable dynamics for progress of economic space.
  11. Stability of political and social fields.
  12. Favorable investment climate.
  13. Local presence of representation of many large global corporations.

Thus, the Czech Republic is quite attractive and profitable for entrepreneurs. Our experts help you in opening your business-project here. We also possess an extensive list of shelf companies in Liechtenstein, Germany, France, Poland, Spain and others.

forex czech

Procedure for getting Czech Forex license

Procedure for getting a Forex Czech license is simple and straightforward. However, in order not to encounter possible difficulties and not fulfill any requirements incorrectly, we recommend that you contact our specialists.

  1. Company’s registration locally.
  2. Rent and formalization of the office.
  3. Hiring employees and appointing persons to senior positions, in particular, the selection of a compliance-officer.
  4. Opening an account with a banking institution and depositing the required amount of starting capital.
  5. Collection and preparation of documentation.
  6. Submitting an application to regulator.

We will accompany you at every stage of licensing and take care of all the most complex and ornate aspects, in particular, interaction with the regulator. With us, the start of your commercial journey will be simple and fast.

Taxation of Forex-companies in Czech Republic

Income tax is 19%. With regard to income in the form of dividends, the tax rate is set at 15%. VAT is 21%.

What is included in our services

Our company has been working all over the world for many years, cooperating with start-up entrepreneurs and large corporations. We will become your reliable allies on your commercial path.

  1. Registration of companies in hundreds of jurisdictions worldwide.
  2. Getting licenses and various special permits required for a particular type of activity.
  3. Opening bank accounts and merchant accounts.
  4. Collection and preparation of documentation.
  5. An extensive range of corporate services: preparing financial statements, renting and officially-approbation of office-premises, assistance in hiring staff, and more.
  6. Ready-made companies and licenses for sale.
  7. Consultations on any commercial issues.

Our lawyers will accompany you at all stages, providing comprehensive support and assistance. You can rely on us by delegating all the nuances to us.

How much does FX-license in the Czech Republic cost?

Cost of obtaining a Forex Czech Republic license is calculated in each case individually. Our experts will help you accurately calculate the necessary costs, as well as optimize your budget. Our principle of cooperation is transparent and honest.

Our advantages

Our company is focused on achieving the most effective and fast results for our clients. Our goal is to make it easy and profitable to start your commercial journey. Our specialists will take care of all the difficulties and nuances.

  1. Many years of experience with companies around the world – full access to the global market.
  2. Thousands of satisfied customers.
  3. Hundreds of commercial areas and areas in which we operate.
  4. High professional qualification. Our company employs only experts and specialists who 100% know and love their job.
  5. Transparency and honesty in cooperation with clients.
  6. An extensive list of corporate services.
  7. Desire to keep up with the latest solutions and innovative developments.

Contact us and you will be able to see for yourself our professionalism and expertise.

Do forex traders need a license in Czech Republic?

Forex Czech Republic license is an official permission for entrepreneurs to act as a participant in the local Forex market. The license also makes it possible to offer clients various Forex services, the range of which varies depending on the type of permit. Traders who have not received this license do not have the right to carry out any transactions in the Forex market and may receive a fine or other punishment.

How is forex regulated in the Czech Republic?

The regulator that controls the Forex market in this jurisdiction is the National Bank. This institution carefully and strictly monitors the activities of Forex brokers and issues appropriate licenses. Applicants who intend to obtain a Forex Czech license must demonstrate full compliance with the established requirements to the local regulatory authority. If all conditions and criteria are met correctly and in full, the National Bank approves the application and issues a license.

Is Forex Trading Legal in Czech Republic?

In order to act as a legal representative and participant in the Forex market in a given jurisdiction, you need to obtain a license. Forex Czech Republic license allows its owner to offer his services officially and without restrictions. A license is issued only if the applicant meets the parameters and standards set by the local regulator.

How much is a forex license in Czech Republic?

The total cost of obtaining a Forex Czech license is calculated individually in each case. Our lawyers will make the correct calculation for you, taking into account your budget and business needs. Contact us in a way convenient for you.

forex czech

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