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Era of virtual certificates, blockchain and security tokens arrived. The area is constantly evolving and preparing new opportunities for its users. When deciding to open their own cryptocurrency company in the territory of any jurisdiction, it is often difficult for the owner to immediately navigate all the nuances, get a crypto license properly and establish his/her firm. In such cases, you can contact us – professionals with many years of experience in the crypto licensing industry.

Benefits and prospects of crypto business with crypto exchange license

As blockchain space progresses quite rapidly, more and more capital holders are intending to become a part of space and more and more people who are intending to become a crypto broker.

  1. Opening a digital asset business is a good chance to get a stable profit, since this industry has excellent prospects and has managed to establish itself as a rapidly developing one.
  2. Opportunity to invest in progressive, unique crypto-currency startups and attract investors.
  3. Purchasing and selling products for tokens, increasing the audience due to the possibility of paying with crypto-money.
  4. Providing services for purchases, sales or digital-assets exchange on favorable terms.
  5. Getting profit from the infrastructure of the crypto market.
  6. Acquaintance with new coins and its introduction into circulation.

Which countries require a cryptocurrency exchange license

Cryptocurrency license is a permission from the state to become a part of this niche and trade digital assets or mine them, that is, to mine them. Such a license is often issued indefinitely and may be suspended if the firm fails to follow norms specified in local laws.

Crypto-firms may pass registration in jurisdictions where such activities are permitted. Most popular states for cryptocurrency exchange business are:

  • Japan;
  • Estonia;
  • USA;
  • Hong Kong;
  • Singapore;
  • Great Britain;
  • Malta;
  • Lithuania;
  • Poland;
  • Czech Republic;
  • El Salvador.

Which countries are best suited for crypto licensing

Not every state has digital-assets as official payment means. Where it is recognized, convenient conditions are not always offered for companies engaged in this kind of activity. Conditions for getting a cryptocurrency broker license are different everywhere, it is important to choose a country that will be beneficial for your company.

  1. Australia. To obtain a license, you need to create a local company with a director and manager who are residents of the country. They must have a clean record with no criminal record.
  2. Lithuania. Loyal tax conditions and requirements are offered here, and 2 types of cryptolicenses can be issued.
  3. Czech Republic. According to local law, digital assets are a commodity, not money. You need an authorization to do business with crypto in this country and enter the global market.
  4. Estonia is one of the first states to legalize crypto-assets. It offers loyal political and tax conditions. In addition, both a resident and a foreigner can obtain a permit, but conditions differ.

You can also officially get a cryptocurrency license USA, as well as in UK, Japan, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Malta. These countries regulate crypto-activities and enable commercials to develop and offer to secure funds of exchange parties.

Benefits of buying a ready-made crypto broker license

As owner of a cryptocurrency exchange business, you can independently deal with licensing in the desired country, but it’ll take a long time, and there’s no one hundred percent guarantee that everything will be done correctly. In order to avoid unnecessary difficulties and avoid mistakes, you can buy a ready-made license and get the following benefits:

  • saving money and time;
  • a ready-made positive result without a long wait for the regulator’s verdict;
  • the ability to immediately start activities legally;
  • expanding capabilities and customer base.

Crypto-business has a lot of advantages over such companies, in particular, as ready-made banks. This’s because of cryptocurrencies having a greater level of security than non-digital money. In addition, the industry has shown rapid growth and global interest from leading brands and corporations.

Entrepreneurs who decide to develop in this industry and pass registration for their firms do not need to wait for a response from the regulator and deal with the local laws of a particular country, but you can immediately contact our specialists and quickly get not only consultation on any issues, but also a full package of services for the buying of ready-made crypto license, particularly, for crypto-exchanges. This will cost much less than the price of time spent on settling all issues and resubmitting documents after a refusal to issue a license due to incorrectly completed documents.

Types of cryptocurrency exchange license

Conventionally, cryptolicenses can be divided into two types:

  • specialized licenses for cryptocurrencies introduced by state regulatory authorities for transactions with cryptocurrencies;
  • traditional licenses that regulate financial deals and which indirectly cover crypto-transactions;
  • crypto-exchanges licenses.

Which option you need should be determined, based on the type of company activity and country you want to work in. Our professionals will help you with this. We’re ready to provide you with comprehensive support in crypto licensing not only crypto activities, but any financial business, in particular, obtaining a Forex broker license.

How much does it cost to buy a company with a license for crypto-currencies

Price of a valid cryptocurrency broker license depends on country where this company is located and its history. It is also worth adding to the total cost direct services for registering and opening an enterprise, tax fees and payment to the seller – the former owner, if any.

What is included in our services

Our company offers full support when buying enterprise with permission for crypto-currencies in any jurisdiction.

  1. Specialists will help you choose options for firms in different countries being suitable for your personal project.
  2. All documentation will be drawn up by experienced lawyers and economists.
  3. At all stages of the transaction, you can get a free consultation on any issue.
  4. The selected option will be carefully reviewed for compliance with laws and transparency.
  5. We also take care of communication with regulative authorities and meeting requirements when registering purchase and sale of company.

In order not to waste your time and extra money when establishing and getting a cryptocurrency license on your own, contact our experts who have prepared for you an extensive list of ready-made companies for sale as well as other permissions, including FX broker license. You will be able to receive your profit from existing commercial projects very soon.

What is a cryptocurrency license?

A crypto license is a permission that gives the official right to conduct activities and any operations related to crypto-currencies. The conditions for obtaining such permission depend on the specific jurisdiction chosen by the entrepreneur, the scale of the business, the list of services and the general prospects that the owner wants to extract.

Does crypto exchange need a license?

In order to carry out operations on the exchanges of crypto-currencies, it is necessary to obtain a crypto exchange license. This permission allows you to exchange crypto-funds for fiat, as well as between crypto-currencies.

How do I get a crypto-exchange license?

To get a cryptocurrency exchange license, it is necessary to establish a business and bring it into line with the conditions that are put forward by the regulator of the chosen jurisdiction. With the full and correct implementation of all norms and rules, the company will be able to obtain the appropriate permission.

How much is a crypto exchange license?

The cost of crypto licensing can vary greatly. It includes costs such as regulatory fees, capital requirements, individual standards of the chosen jurisdiction, business scale and more. This is a procedure that requires careful planning and a competent approach, which our specialists can provide.

Which country is easy to get crypto license?

The most beneficial jurisdictions for getting a cryptocurrency license are Estonia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic and some others. They are loyal to crypto businesses and try to make starting their business as easy and efficient as possible.

Which country has lowest crypto-tax?

There are quite a few jurisdictions with favorable taxation for cryptocurrency exchange business. In particular, these include Estonia, Portugal, Malta and some others, where crypto-assets are not taxed.

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