Company registration in Croatia

Among all the Balkan states, Croatia has the highest level of development. In this country, all the appropriate conditions have been created in order to implement a profitable commercial project. But, you can start doing business in Croatia only after receiving official approval from the authorities. Since 2012, this jurisdiction has had rules governing the activities of foreign investors who are not citizens of the European Union. The minimum authorized capital for them will be higher – 13.5 thousand euros instead of 2.85. In addition, in this case, a requirement is put forward to recruit at least 3 resident employees.

It is very difficult to buy property in Croatia, and citizens of some countries do not have the right to do so at all. Establishing a business in Croatia is one of the legal ways to acquire real estate in this state.

Features of entrepreneurial activity

The creation of a company in the Croatian jurisdiction of the jurisdiction is also beneficial because the local fiscal policy is particularly flexible. The following elements of the financial system are not taxed in Croatia:

  • interest payment on loans and investment funds;
  • income received from inheritance, real estate, gifts and securities;
  • pension receipts from abroad.

Procedure for organization establishing in Croatia

To register a company in Croatia, the following forms are provided:

  • JSC. For this type of company, at least 1 director and shareholder are required. The capital is set at 188,000+ HRK.
  • Branch or branch for a foreign enterprise. In this case, the institution is registered as a separate firm or subdivision assigned to the “parent” structure.
  • DOO is a limited liability company. This is the most convenient option for foreign investors. Capital: 20,000+ HRK. Participants’ contributions are not equal.
  • DOO is allowed to buy real estate. There are no residency requirements for the members of this company. The founder, who also holds the position of director, undertakes to contribute at least 51% of the registered capital.

Registration process

Registration of a company in Croatia includes the following several stages:

  • the name is chosen and approved. The name must be in Croatian or written in Latin;
  • obtaining legal address;
  • a constituent agreement is drawn up and certified by an authorized notary representative;
  • persons are appointed to the positions of directors, members of the general meeting and the supervisory committee are elected. The latter structure is necessary provided that the staff of the company consists of 300+ employees or the company’s activities are listed as such, which requires a license;
  • the registered capital and court fees are paid;
  • the corresponding package of documents is submitted to the commercial court.

The review usually takes up to 1 month. After the company is issued an extract, you need to register the company with the tax, statistical and customs control authorities, as well as with the social insurance funds.

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