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Tax consulting is a group of services for putting current tax law into practice, determining the tax consequences of commercial operations, and creating legal schemes for reducing tax liability for an enterprise while taking into account its specific activities.

Employment of sound tax consulting has many benefits, including the ability to create and implement strategies to increase the level of security of your assets, receiving practical recommendations and proposals aimed at minimizing identified (existing) or potential (hidden) tax and legal risks and/or errors, resolving corporate disputes and issues based on the findings of the audit by tax and other official bodies, and creating tax strategies.

Specialists of Eternity Law International corporate tax consulting department will help you to carry out tax planning, minimize your tax burden, improve the efficiency of your activity and establish a constructive dialogue with the controlling authorities while adhering to the requirements of the applicable law.

Features of global tax consulting

Business tax consulting will assist in resolving problems on the business’s operations in the area of tax planning, selecting a taxation system, and performing calculations, which will enable optimizing tax payments and financial statements.

Complying with tax laws is highly important, as even small errors can have serious consequences. Lack of expertise and knowledge and accordingly, a high number of mistakes made while calculating taxes, creating tax reports, and submitting tax returns lead to significant financial losses in the form of tax debt and fines. There may be fines, back taxes, interest, and other financial penalties levied if a company fails to fulfill its corporate compliance requirements. By seeking timely tax and financial advice, you can either prevent or lessen the effects of these issues that occur in real life.

The main objectives of business tax consulting service are as follows:

  • assessment of potential tax consequences when entering into contracts, obtaining licenses, accountancy, and tax support for their implementation;
  • minimizing the tax liability via the selection of the best taxation mechanism, taking into account the scope and particulars of the customer’s economic activity;
  • assistance in resolving tax disputes acting as an advocate for representing interests when contesting control body decisions in control bodies and court, and preparation of documents; organization of a protective policy when communicating with representatives of tax offices.

Overview of the tax consulting services

The work of service tax lawyers of Eternity Law International results in the growth of the client’s business via the optimization of the financial performance of its operations, which is a consequence of making the right choice in terms of the taxation system and foreseeing the tax burden. Our first advantage tax consulting services are always tailored to your individual case, including business problem complexity, timeframes, and preferences, and you can choose some options when it comes to customizing our service. Also, by using our services, you do not need to pass through a time-consuming procedure of employment of an accountant to follow current requirements.

We provide the following accounting and tax consulting in terms of international cooperation and activities:

  • tax structuring in asset sales and M&A deals;
  • tax planning;
  • day-to-day tax optimization;
  • audit of the company’s tax calculations by an accountant (complex or thematic);
  • identification of the company’s tax risks (from small to crucial) in its ongoing operations, plans, or development paths, and estimating the tax effects of new business ventures;
  • advice on the preparation and provision of tax reporting;
  • development and provision of legal advice aimed at minimizing (eliminating) revealed (existing) or potential (hidden) tax and legal risks and/or errors;
  • settlement of controversial situations and issues on the results of inspections of tax and other controlling bodies acting as an advocate;
  • global tax consulting includes development and implementation of corporate decisions (schemes, measures) aimed at raising the level (provision) of the security of the company’s assets and its owners, including tax collateral, arrest, and other risks (as, for example, in IT law);
  • provision of clarification and advice on the practical applications of the applicable tax, economic, currency, and other laws of a selected jurisdiction (along with specific standards and guidelines), as well as on contentious, unregulated legal matters (while taking into account the current judicial practice and process of applying such laws by controlling bodies);
  • development of plans for harmonizing corporate tax payments, utilizing domestic regulatory paperwork’s experience, reviewing external contracting documents for tax risks, and offering suggestions to remove drawbacks.

You can apply for online tax consulting for the above-mentioned range of services. We have many years of experience in solving the issues outlined above and successfully implementing projects for our global clients. Please contact us for cooperation with our tax consulting business.

Jurisdictions our tax consulting firm works in

Our tax consulting company works worldwide with multiple jurisdictions. Among them are the following:

  • taxation in European jurisdictions (All EU member-states, including Switzerland, United Kingdom, and other countries),
  • jurisdictions in North and South America (Canada, the USA, Dominica, British Virgin Islands to name a few),
  • African jurisdictions (Liberia, Namibia, Mauritius, Seychelles, and South Africa),
  • Asian jurisdictions (United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Hong Kong, Turkey among others),
  • we provide audit tax consulting services in jurisdictions in Australia and Oceania (Australia, Vanuatu, New Zealand),
  • premier tax consulting in offshore jurisdictions (Bahamas, Belize, British Virgin Islands, Gibraltar, Costa Rica, Curacao, Labuan, Mauritius, Madeira, Malta, Singapore, and others).

How much does big and small business tax consulting cost?

The cost of employment tax consulting services is always determined individually, subject to the section features of your firm, the volume of work, and the timing of their execution. The price varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. For more information on our accountant tax consulting services and their prices, please contact us through an online form.

Advantages of working with Eternity Law International in terms of international tax consulting

Eternity Law International has provided comprehensive global advocate tax consulting services for more than 6 years. Our services range from exploratory consultations for Ukrainian and global startups (including various organizational forms, from ICO projects to multinationals) to complete support to our clients in communications with tax authorities.

Our experts have provided numerous corporate tax solutions that helped hundreds of companies improve their competitive edge through better tax risk management. When you use turbo tax consulting income services of Eternity Law International, you can save significant amounts on taxes and direct money toward other uses such as current operating expenses, dividends, or your firm’s development.

We assist our clients in developing general tax strategies and at all stages of any individual investment or venture project as well. Please get in touch with our lawyers to know more about our premier tax consulting services.

What is the difference between tax consulting and accounting?

Tax consulting as a service is useful and helps in solving problems related to business activities in the field of tax planning, choosing a tax system and making calculations that will optimize tax payments. Thus, this is the area that organizes, streamlines and controls the company’s payment of taxes and their optimization. Accounting provides general information about the financial results of activities to the management of the organization and interested parties. Our specialists are ready to provide you with comprehensive advice regarding the difference between these concepts, and also take on these aspects when running your business.

How much do tax consultants charge in the US?

On average, the cost of a business tax consulting service in the US ranges from $70 to $300. The price depends on the volume of services provided and the accompanying conditions that specialists have to face in each individual case. Our consultants are aimed not only at achieving the most effective results, but also at optimizing your costs when collaborating.

What does a US tax consultant do?

Tax consulting services include the following:

  • tax structuring in transactions regarding the sale and acquisition of assets;
  • tax planning;
  • tax optimization;
  • tax audit;
  • identification of tax risks;
  • consultations on the preparation and presentation of tax reporting;
  • development of strategies and activities aimed at minimizing tax risks;
  • settlement of tax disputes;
  • development of tax harmonization plans.

We provide an extensive range of services in this area, which gives us the opportunity to satisfy any customer needs.

How do I get tax advice in the USA?

To do this, you need to contact our managers, who will arrange a meeting with a lawyer for you at any time convenient for you. We are in touch 24/7 and are ready to provide you with comprehensive professional assistance under the most comfortable conditions for you. Contact our tax consulting firm and you will be convinced of the highest quality of our services and the desire to achieve effective results for each client.

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