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Tax law is considered one of the most complex branches of law. Firstly, when you touch the taxes and tax payments, there are numerous calculations, the use of various algorithms, accounting and data systematization. In this procedure, not only knowledge is important, but also scrupulousness, as well as balanced decision-making. Secondly, tax law is a very dynamic industry. Almost every day existing acts regulating taxation processes are subject to changes. Thirdly, a huge number of legislative acts have been adopted in this area, and only a professional can understand the nuances of them.

Therefore, many companies seek help from legal firms dealing with the intricacies of taxation. The specialist will not only quickly and accurately determine the essence and causes of the problem, but also suggest the most optimal way out of the current situation.

Tax services: consulting solutions

The list of services related to taxation and tax regulation includes the following:

  • legal advice (lawyers will provide the client with detailed information about what kind of legal basis is applied to regulate the issue, suggest possible solutions to the problem and tell clients about the relevant practice of administrative or judicial proceedings);
  • assistance during the new company foundation and analysis of potential tax risks;
  • adaptation of your company’s tax policy and making changes to it;
  • analysis of tax documents in order to detect violations or inconsistencies;
  • elimination of disagreements between the data contained in the databases of the tax service, and those that actually are;
  • implementation of the process of optimization and planning of tax policy for a particular enterprise;
  • assistance and legal support during a tax audit;
  • drawing up various tax acts;
  • support in appealing against a decision that was made in an inappropriate manner or in a manner inconsistent with the law;
  • representing the client in various institutions, including court proceedings, and more.

Because the sphere of tax law is a very delicate and nuanced structure, the above list is not limited to these services.

Among other, Eternity Law International provides tax services, as well as tax consulting services. The company’s specialists can provide clients with up-to-date information regarding the current regulatory acts and apply a flexible approach to selecting solutions in a given situation to achieve maximum results.

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