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Crypto license in Bulgaria

June 8, 2023

The Bulgarian’s CB together with the Commissions for Supervision of Financial’s Operations is the controlling body for the corporations working in cryptosphere. Both structures work with crypto-currency businesses in Bulgaria as well as other controllers in EU-member-states.

Besides these bodies, there is also crypto-regulation in Bulgaria. The Bulgarian’s demand is the NRA, they allocate surcharges and accumulate receivableses. To start actively using cryptocurrency and other innovative-technologies in the countryside there was a disclosed program “Digital Bulgaria-2025”, but it will start working only in 2 years. So far, in this countryside, you can find very favorable conditions for obtaining a Bulgaria crypto license and working in this market.

Spokespeople of the regulator point out that it is critical to obtain a crypto license in Bulgaria for those corporations that are engaged in:

  • dealings operations with crypto-assets;
  • dealings of crypto/fiat wallet;
  • cryptocurrency-transaction protection services for clients;
  • crypto-assets depository services.

It’s important to understand that without having critical permission, corporations will not be able to operate. It can be obtained only from the Bulgarians controller’s. There’s also such an option as crypto license in Bulgaria for sale. It’s already a ready-for-use decision.

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Ways to obtain crypto license Bulgaria: cryptocurrency’s regulation

For corporations to safely do crypto-activities in Bulgaria, they need to yield by local lawmaking. For corporations working in crypto activities in Bulgaria, it is necessary to comply with anti-money laundering’s law making and the fifth-EU-directive on the same subject.

The anti-money laundering’s law outlines mandatory procedures for corporations in the cryptobusiness intending to get crypto license in Bulgaria. Among them:

  • compulsory due industriousness at different levels (streamlined verification is possible at registration, advanced/complex later), provided that dealings over 15 thousand euro in equivalents;
  • compulsory recording of all dealings and keeping such info in electronic or printed docs;
  • constant evaluation of the imperilment of using the company for money-laundering or FCA;
  • obligatory notification of the state-security authorities when dealings amount to more than the coequal of 15,000 EUR;
  • disclosure of info about the persons involved in the dealing in case of disbelieving dealings.

Corporations intending to obtain crypto license in Bulgaria need to understand that crypto in Bulgaria is not supposed financial-instruments. They are supposed commodities and therefore all such dealings are subject`s to local trade-lawmaking.

Benefits of Getting Bulgaria Crypto License

The lawful entities will be getting a crypto license in Bulgaria may not be the hardest task. However, you can`t start to conceive of all functions by obtaining a crypto license in Bulgaria or its equivalent. Crypto’s exchanges and service-providers need to obtain crypto-authorization in Bulgaria. For its purpose, the corps is noted in a special public-registry and receives the appropriate certification. It replaces the classical cryptolicense.

Co-founders of crypto-businesses benefit from accepting the docs in Bulgaria, cause:

  • there is no prerequisite to hiring local-staff;
  • faster turnaround time for the apps;
  • ability to apply remotely;
  • no-compliance prerequisites;
  • the start-up capital can be only 2 BGN or 1 EUR.

Prerequisites for docs

To get crypto license in Bulgaria, it is necessary to apply to the controller. The immediate crypto licensing process in Bulgaria is one of the easiest and goes as quickly as possible. The corporations needs to provide the following info along with the apps:

  • data about the enrollment of the legal-entity (including the name, physical address, and email);
  • info about the co-founders of the corporation;
  • info about a contact-person, including phone number and e-mail;
  • registrations certificates with a exceptional regulation, which is specified in the Commercial-Register;
  • data on opened accounts and availability of funds on them (including accounts in foreign banks);
  • characterization of corporation processes and exchange service for crypts;
  • list of countries for which dealing is to be opened.

Who can help to get crypto license in Bulgaria quickly 

Many people may think that applying for a license is quite simple. But even given the lack of strict requirements, many companies try to get it on their failure to achieve their goals. That’s why it’s worthwhile to turn to our employees. Each of them has been repeatedly worked on by the Bulgarian regulator, so we know exactly the requirements for obtaining a license throughout Europe. With our help, you will get crypto license in Bulgaria in the fastest way: you’ll acquire your application faster than your competitors, because we will check all the docs beforehand and help you to prepare well for the apps for the permission. We may also offer you crypto license in Bulgaria for sale.

Do crypto-activities require a license in Bulgaria?

Corporations that plan to work in this field need to obtain crypto license in Bulgaria from the local regulator before starting their work.

What’s the process of getting a crypto-license in Bulgaria?

To acquire this permission, you need to enlist a corporation and apply for cryptoauthorization. It is also essential to start with the essential documents and prescribe internal-procedures for combating illegal transactions.

What crypto activities does Bulgaria’s crypto license allow?

It allows crypto dealings operations by different coins, crypto-exchange for fiat-money, and cryptostorage or protection services.

How long does it take to get a cryptolicense in Bulgaria?

The time for apps to receive the decision from the regulators should not take more than a month.

What info must be included in the apps for a Bulgarian crypto-license?

Info about the legal-entity, its founders, and types of usefulness, like the annex with the checklist of countryside where you will be conducted.

Can cryptocompanies be owned by non-residents of Bulgaria?

This is acceptable because the controller doesn`t require citizenship of the co-founders of legal-entities.

What docs are required to open a cryptocurrencys corporation in Bulgaria?

Notary copy of articles of incorporation, legal-entity-registration permit, passport copies of co-founders and directorate, and bank statement.

Can docs for a Bulgarian crypto-company enrollment be submitted in English?

The docs for the regulator should be submitted in Bulgarian language.

What are the benefits of the option to obtain crypto license Bulgaria?

Fast execution of the permission, possibility to apply online, loyal prerequisites, the min capital-required, and the law duties.

Does Bulgaria have any measurements in place to prevent money-laundering and the financing of terrorism?

All crypto-dealings are thoroughly analyzed for possible illegal dealings considering EU-standards.

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