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Lawyer services for companies

November 23, 2020

International Commercial Arbitration – Lawyer services for companies in the ICAC

Eternity Law International provides legal services for companies, as well as a range of services for firms from the CIS and European countries. We will protect your interests in the ICAC.

The International Commercial Arbitration Court is an independent and permanent arbitration body that resolves issues of international disputes.

What is the activity of the ICAC?

  • Questions and disputes that appear during foreign trading and the establishment or maintenance of economic relations;
  • Disputes between enterprises that have invested abroad and the resolution of their disagreements with other physical or legal persons.

Many enterprises from Europe and the CIS countries, such as Germany, France, Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, have concluded agreements with our company. We represent our clients’ interests in the arbitration court and the chamber of commerce in many European jurisdictions.

Our lawyers handle the cases and interests of both public and private enterprises in such diverse industries as energy, construction, investment, environment, international trade, etc.

An arbitration dispute can take months or even years. A competent lawyer will help speed up the process, which significantly saves the company money. It may seem that the services of an arbitration lawyer are expensive.

Nevertheless, considering how much the employer wins in the case of the positive result, the price for long-term business does not seem so high.

After analyzing your agreement, we can understand which direction to take in order to win the dispute legally and unambiguously. We will review your arbitration agreement and help you bring your dispute to international commercial arbitration and win it. Our law firm has extensive experience in resolving arbitration disputes.

Main stages of cooperation with Eternity Law International

  • Meeting with the customer at the office. Consideration of the essence of the situation.
  • The client provides all the necessary documents; we do their legal analysis.
  • Consulting at a meeting or by phone with an assessment of the prospects for the arbitration case.
  • Signing an agreement as for the provision of legal services. Our lawyer will represent your interests in the ICAC and all his/her actions will be recorded.
  • Payment of 50% of the cost of services, postage and translation of documents.
  • Formation of a claim with its subsequent sending to the defendant.
  • Calculation of fees and expenses, sending a claim to the ICAC along with the necessary list of documents. After the arbitration court accepts your claim, you pay the second 50% for our services.
  • A decision comes from the ICAC. If you need help in executing the decision, a separate agreement is drawn up.

Cost of services

Following factors should be taken into account determining the price for the services of an arbitration lawyer:

  • the complexity of the case and the time of professional preparation;
  • the duration of the trial;
  • the success of the case result.

Prices for services vary depending on the difficulty of the case and the percentage of the funds that were collected in the settlement of the dispute (money, property). The amount of payment includes the resolution of the disagreement and operation of a lawyer in court (3 months, after this period each month is paid separately).

The payment for our services is supported by an agreement. Consequently, it can be included in the legal costs, which are paid by the losing party in accordance with the charter of ICAC Statute.

In such a serious matter as an arbitration dispute, it is difficult to do without legal assistance, since the loss of such a case can incur heavy losses. It is better to use the services of professional lawyers specifically in the field of arbitration in order to be sure of a positive result by contacting us now.

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