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The owners of large, medium and even small businesses bear a huge responsibility for complying with all the requirements that are determined in the relevant regulatory legal acts. However, it will take a lot of months to get a good understanding of this information in full. In addition, dozens of new acts regulating entrepreneurial activity are adopted monthly, and the existing documents are constantly updated with various additions.

In order to keep up with these innovations, it is sometimes necessary to spend several hours per day. Taking it into consideration, the time for proper enterprise management, development and implementation of strategies for the development and expansion of the company’s activity, for monitoring the work of certain divisions of the organization isn’t enough. Management representatives will be able to carry out its main job, while complying with all legal requirements, if the company engages professional lawyers providing corporative services for cooperation.

Legal nuances connected with corporate services

A couple of decades ago, only large corporations, insurance groups and banking institutions, as well as branches of foreign firms, used the services of corporate lawyers. However, the rapid development of the global business sphere and the introduction of an increasing number of regulatory acts have done their job, and now almost every company owner is faced with complicated legal issues almost every week. Even at the beginning of strategic planning and preparation of a business entity, its founders will face a lot of issues, the answers to which are quite difficult to find right away without a clear understanding of the situation or the help of a corporate lawyer.

Among the huge number of issues that entrepreneur will have to solve, the key ones will be the following:

  1. What business form to choose and why?
  2. Which taxation model will be most suitable for this particular business?
  3. How correctly and in accordance with legislative acts to formalize and register the property of the company?
  4. What legal basis to choose for cooperation with contractors, how to pay them and transfer appropriate funds to the state budget?
  5. How exactly can business structuring be carried out and what benefits can be derived from it?

Moreover, these are just a few of the questions that await the owner of the company. Only an experienced lawyer can understand many other aspects.

What services are corporative?

  • Creation of enterprises around the globe and purchase of ready-made companies
  • Implementation of corporate administration and management
  • The procedure for appointing a person to the position of nominee director, trustee of company shares or secretary
  • Local representation of the company and registration of legal address
  • Management of staff documentation and company accounting
  • Provision of various types of certificates (on the award of the appropriate legal status, corporate type certificates, etc.)
  • Secretarial services.

The list of such services is quite extensive, including consulting a client on a particular issue.

Eternity Law International provides a wide range of corporative services and provides legal support to its clients, as well as provides professional advice. The company’s specialists carefully study each individual situation and find an individual approach to the client.

Corporate services
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