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The choice of the optimal and efficient corporate structure is the key to the scaling and successful economic activity of your company. However, at almost every stage of the realization of certain business projects, there is a need to solve legal issues, starting with the creation of a legal entity, planning its activities, and ending with the resolution of corporative conflicts, reorganization or liquidation of a company. These issues are solved by the corporate service provider.

Our Eternity Law International team has the knowledge and multi-jurisdictional capacity to establish and run advantageous and compliant corp structures worldwide. We are able to offer a worldwide integrated corp services and a seamless customer experience due to our professional knowledge and general expertise in the fields of administration, financial reporting and tax compliance.

International corporate services we provide

Corporate law encompasses a variety of standards and practices that consolidate your compliance paperwork. The umbrella of services corporate range includes registering a legal entity, setting up administrating systems, using a corp agent, and provision of expert advice for an existing entity.

Among the general types of legal support delivered by the practice of corporate law in frame of professional corporate services, the following can be distinguished:

  • development of optimal structures for conducting a specific type of business and effective models of corp management and consulting on the specified issues;
  • preparation of documents for the creation and registration of a corporation;
  • registration of legal entities of different organizational forms, for example, registration of a trust;
  • making amendments to the founding documents, changes in the size of the authorized capital, name, location of the corporation, and management bodies;
  • our corporate services corporation provides consulting and representing clients’ interests in resolving corporate disputes, including in court proceedings;
  • obtaining all necessary permits and certificates, including employment permits for foreign citizens, international business certification and licenses for conducting business in the sphere of finance;
  • support of purchase and sale and other civil law agreements regarding disposal of corporate rights, for example, ready-made companies for sale;
  • conducting a complex independent legal examination (due diligence);
  • change in the structure of participants as a result of the alienation of corporate rights, exit or exclusion of a participant;
  • legal support of corp restructuring: transformation, merger, accession, division, spin-off;
  • support for the termination of legal entities through liquidation, as well as their separate divisions.

Corporation services and related activities ensure that compliance-related issues are in good order. This is accomplished by fulfilling the requirements for entity formation, submitting scheduled filings, meeting fiscal commitments and getting comprehensive consultant support.

Besides, clients can also take advantage of additional finance and corporate services, in particular, to address compliance concerns unique to a given organization or industry. For instance, organizations in the field of finance must implement expert compliance practices since they must adhere to general Know Your Customer (KYC) standards.

Jurisdictions we work in

Our corporate services company works worldwide with multiple jurisdictions. Among them are the following:

  • the group of European jurisdictions (All EU member-states, including Switzerland, United Kingdom, and other countries);
  • Corporate services in North and South America (Canada, the USA, Dominica, British Virgin Islands to name a few);
  • The group of African jurisdictions (Liberia, Namibia, Mauritius, Seychelles, and South Africa);
  • Asian jurisdictions (United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Hong Kong, Turkey among others);
  • Jurisdictions in Australia and Oceania (Australia, Vanuatu, New Zealand);
  • Corporate services in offshore jurisdictions (Bahamas, Belize, British Virgin Islands, Gibraltar, Costa Rica, Curacao, Labuan, Mauritius, Madeira, Malta, Singapore, and others).

Please contact our corporate services consultants for more details on the jurisdictions we work in.

How much general corporate services cost

At Eternity Law International – the corporate services company – we recognize that corporate services are essential for the smooth running of businesses. We offer a comprehensive range of corporate services at competitive prices. The cost of corporate services depends on the service and jurisdiction chosen. You can refer to prices for registration and maintenance of companies on our website and find more detailed information regarding the price of corporate business services.

Advantages of working with Eternity corp services company

Today’s fast-changing business ecosystem calls for a professional and experienced corporate service provider. Our company Eternity Law International offers a comprehensive range of group corporate services covering all stages of the company life cycle. Our team of skilled and committed lawyers offers worldwide services that are at the forefront of industry best practices and adhere to the strictest governance guidelines in major jurisdictions. We work closely with our customers to provide a service that is consistent, reliable, and client-centered. Through our corporate services consulting, we keep our clients ahead of domestic and international affairs to successfully navigate today’s competitive business environment.

Get in touch with our corporate services providers to know more about our corporate services for SMEs and multinationals.

What is the corporate services process?

To receive a full package of professional corporate business services, you need to contact our specialists. We consider each case separately and choose an individual approach to each client. Our experts are aimed at the most effective cooperation and the most profitable optimization of your budget.

What is business corporate services?

The range of corp services covers and includes a number of practices, in particular, the registration of legal entities, the formation and implementation of corporate management mechanisms, the delegation of powers to corporate agents and the provision of legal advice. We individually select the necessary services for each company, taking into account the business structure and budget of the company with maximum cost optimization.

What do you do in corporate services?

The range of professional corporate services offered by our company is very extensive and varied. In particular, our specialists provide professional assistance in the following:

  • development of effective business strategies and corporate governance models;
  • consulting on any corporate and commercial issues;
  • preparation of documents;
  • registration of legal entities;
  • making changes to corporate documents;
  • representation of clients’ interests;
  • obtaining all necessary permits;
  • support in carrying out any kind of commercial transactions.

For preliminary consultation and a full list of services, contact our managers.

What are the advantages of corporate services?

Eternity Law International is professional corporate services consultants offering a wide range of services, which covers all stages of the formation, establishment and subsequent activities of the company. Our team works all over the world. We ensure the most effective cooperation with our clients to provide reliable and comprehensive solutions focused on client needs.

Corporate services
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