Obtaining a gambling license in Belgium

The ban on gambling on the territory of the CIS countries forced to look for options for operating online casino activities outside the CIS countries. Belgium became one of the most attractive countries in the gaming industry. In order to operate a casino you need  registration of a legal entity and also a license.

A newcomer or regular customer always pays attention to which country regulates the activities of the company that takes their funds. Well-established online casino licensing countries increase the importance of the virtual establishment. They strengthen the security / confidentiality guarantees of the service provided.

The process of obtaining a license for a casino is associated with time-consuming preparation and preparation of documentation. Employees of Eternity Law International will advise and provide legal supporting documents for high-quality registration of a gambling license.

The Belgian state registers and issues licenses with the rigor and pedantry in relation to its laws.

The Gaming Commission alone issues licenses for this type of commerce, cooperates with the authorities and is an independent body. The Gaming Commission controls this type of activity and deals with cases of illegal gambling. This simplifies the extradition procedure as only one authority decides all issues.

Game license principles

In 1999, the Belgian government passed a law in order to legalize the conduct and organization of gambling. The jurisdiction is allowed to visit gambling establishments and play in casinos only with the onset of the 21st year. Registration, indicating passport data or identification number are required for online casino visitors.

If the casino itself violates the law, this may lead to the opening of a criminal case or entail a fine of up to 100 thousand euros. When a player plays on a site from blacklisted states, he can pay a fine of up to 25 thousand euros.

Government officials are prohibited from engaging in gambling business. It is imperative that a license renewal is required upon its expiration.  There is an automatic exclusion from the lists of persons entitled to conduct a gambling business. It is prohibited to advertise any gambling entertainment on television until 20.00.

Permits issued for gambling

The official site indicates the classification of licenses, the “+” sign means an online casino license. The main types of legalization of gambling entertainment:

  • G1 – G2 for broadcasting gambling on television and telephone;
  • F1 – F2 – F + must be on racetracks where horse races are held and there are sweepstakes, F + legalizes online sweepstakes;
  • E are owned by manufacturers and creators of software for gambling halls;
  • D is required for service personnel in gambling houses;
  • C is needed for bars with slot machines;
  • B – B + a license for casinos in which slot machines are located can be obtained by those casinos that already have a license;
  • A – A + is required for all real casinos in the lands of the kingdom.

Permission for online casinos is not given separately, only as an appendage to the host. The number of allowed online licenses is due to casino A + nine licenses, 180 – B +, 34 licenses for F +.

The law provides for special licensing rules for the following categories:

  • holding a lottery;
  • production of gaming software;
  • equipment of playing machines and tables;
  • racetrack bets;
  • water sports betting;
  • bookmaker activity;
  • bingo;
  • casino;
  • slot machines.

Required documentation

Documents without which the Commission will not issue a license:

  • identity documents of all founders;
  • tax returns corresponding to the last three periods (copies are sufficient);
  • a ship’s statement confirming the absence of a criminal record no more than 3 months;
  • the act of maintaining political and civil rights.

The annual fee is 250 thousand euros per year, the casino is taxed at 11%. The processing time takes up to two months. The main casino license is issued for up to 15 years. Eternity Law International will help you select and legalize all the documents required to open a casino.

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