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PSP license in Belgium

November 17, 2023

After the approval of the second EU Directive, in accordance with the Belgian law controlling the financial field of the jurisdiction, the possibilities of financial services and the establishment of such businesses for entrepreneurs from other countries were expanded. This type of activity is subject to FSMA licensing. Enterprises that operate in several areas at once, including payment systems and electronic money, also need to get a license.

Our company specializes in establishing and licensing commercial structures. We work all over the world and cover hundreds of areas of business-projects. Our firm is also ready to offer you many ready-made enterprises and licenses for sale, in particular, PSP in Kazakhstan, crypto-license in Estonia, gambling permit in Malta and much more.

Requirement list for licensees

According to the laws of the jurisdiction, firms that want to obtain a PSP-license in Belgium must meet the following criteria:

  • have an authorized capital of 350,000 euros;
  • you must have a local office in the country and at least 3 directors. One director must be a resident of Belgium;
  • the firm must confirm the availability of IT, digital and telecommunication devices necessary for the provision of services, delivery and purchase of electronic money;
  • and it is imperative to comply with all rules and policies of the law regarding the prevention of illegal circulation of funds.

Benefits of Belgium for PSP

  1. Some of the largest and strongest commercial connections in Europe.
  2. The jurisdiction is located in the center of Europe.
  3. Brussels has the status of the official capital of Europe.
  4. Banking institutions offer a high probability of approval of a long-term loan at a low interest rate for a start-up business.

PSP-licensing service in Belgium

Our firm has been in the business licensing market for quite a long time, so it knows all the nuances of the permitting process and will advise you on any issues related to this area.

  1. Professional lawyers will help in preparing all the necessary documents and will simplify the entire process of getting a permit to the maximum:
  2. we will select the optimal type of enterprise and tax model;
  3. We will help you register an organization, open bank accounts and find an office;
  4. we will fill out your documents and send them to regulatory authorities;
  5. We will also take care of all communication with the regulator.

We will minimize the risk of refusal to issue a permit and will take upon ourselves the collection and preparation of the necessary documents to save your time and obtain permission for you to conduct business-activities as soon as possible.

What is included in our services

Our employees are true masters who know their goals and confidently move towards achieving them. The firm offers full support to anyone who wants to register and license a business-project in Belgium and other jurisdictions.

  1. Opening an organization in any country.
  2. Preparation of documents and assistance in getting licenses and additional permits.
  3. Communication with regulatory authorities.
  4.  Opening a bank account for the firm.
  5. Consultations and additional service range.
  6. Ready-made companies and licenses for sale, in particular, PSP-licenses in Germany, France, Poland and other jurisdictions.

We guarantee the quality of our work and strive for fast and effective results.

How much does a PSP-license cost in Belgium?

The cost of getting such a permit in Belgium is calculated individually for each firm, depending on the type of organization, planned turnover of funds and many other nuances. Our specialists will calculate the exact price and provide a full estimate for each client separately, depending on requests.

Our advantages

We have been operating in this area for many years, so we have many satisfied reviews from clients and an excellent reputation. Our lawyers are the best in their field. The task of each employee of our firm is an individual approach to each client and selection of the most optimal conditions for cooperation.

  1. Extensive expertise of working in various jurisdictions.
  2. Lots of satisfied clients in different jurisdictions.
  3. Additional services for companies.
  4. Focus on better results.
  5. Guarantees of quality work.
  6. Consultations at every stage of licensing.

Take advantage of the services of our expert firm and get advantageous offers for your business-project today. We’ll help you collect all the documentation, draw up a business-plan, if required, and take care of communication with the regulator at all stages of registration and licensing of your enterprise.

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