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Ready-made company in Japan

August 21, 2023

The government of Japan is increasingly supporting small businesses, so almost 99% of companies in the jurisdiction are considered small. In almost all industries, large enterprises coexist with small firms, many holdings place orders with private entrepreneurs. In Japan, a characteristic feature is the large technological chains serving large companies, which consist of small firms. The state has a law basis that prevents large corporations from monopolizing and protects small businesses.

Our company has been working in the field of establishing and licensing companies around the world for many years. We also have an extensive list of shelf companies for sale in Liechtenstein, Germany, Estonia, France and other countries. Our experts will provide you with full support at every stage, as well as all the necessary information.

Advantages of buying a ready-made company in Japan

Acquisition of a ready-made company in Japan and any other jurisdiction has several undeniable advantages.

  1. Firms can get good credit from a local bank. This procedure is quite simple if your company has an excellent credit history.
  2. Easy management of import and export is ensured due to the convenient location of the country. Japan has ports that allow you to quickly send and receive goods, which is considered a very big advantage over other developed countries.
  3. Jurisdiction perfectly regulates insolvency issues. Japan leads the ranking in insolvency resolution and has a recovery percentage of over 90.
  4. Japan is committed to the continuous improvement of corporate culture. This is reflected in the desire for quality work, service and an inexhaustible desire to achieve the perfection of the law and tax base.
  5. It opens up access to the huge and stable market of Asia, which is also ready for foreign direct investment if you want to build partnerships.

Many international enterprises are already operating in the Japanese economy. If you acquire a company in this jurisdiction, you can expand your business in Asia much faster and easier.

Businesses for sale in Japan

Japanese Financial Instruments Company for sale

Asia, Japan Financial intermediaries
Unique opportunity to purchase Japanese Financial Instruments Business Type II license holder Company. Price for Japanese Financial Instruments Company: 580 million yen Licenses: The company holds two licenses: type II financial instruments business and real property-dealing business. Type II Financial Instruments Business license holders are eligible of conducting such activities: self-offering or Private Placement of…

FX Broker in Japan for sale

Asia, Japan Crypto forex brokers
The company for sale has following licenses: Financial Instruments Business Operator; Type I Financial Instruments Business; Securities-Related Business. Registered businesses are as below: OTC FX OTC CFD of Stock Index The company with a Forex license for sale can expand their own business, but must need to get approval from the regulator, before that. This…

Сompany with Cryptocurrency Exchange & Investment Advice License in Japan for Sale

Asia, Japan Crypto forex brokers
Company holds the following licenses: Virtual Currency Exchange Service Provider license covering: purchase and sale of a virtual currency, exchange virtual currency for another virtual currency; intermediary, brokerage or agency services related to virtual currency; management of users’ funds. Financial Instruments II license covering: securities Markets intermediary, agency and brokerage services license Investment Advisory and…

Types of shelf companies in Japan

In most cases, the following types of companies are opened in this jurisdiction:

  • joint-stock company (kabushiki-kaisha);
  • limited liability company (godo-kaysha);
  • branch of the parent foreign company.

Due to the limited liability of shareholders, the merits of funding and the high level of public confidence, the most common form is considered to be a joint-stock company. However, due to the fact that the minimum capital at the start should be from 100 thousand dollars, opening such a company is beneficial only for big business.

For medium-sized companies, a better solution would be to open a limited liability company, since the capital in this case is from 30 thousand dollars. It is most profitable for small companies to start a business in the form of a branch of another company, since it is possible at the start to have no capital at all.

Kabushiki-kaisha can be registered in 2 ways:

  • incorporation of a company, when the shares are in the possession of the founders;
  • incorporation of a company, when shares are distributed through sales in order to attract investors.

How to buy a shelf company in Japan

You can buy a ready-made enterprise in Japan with the help of our specialists, who will provide you with full support at all stages of this process.

  1. Selection of a company that exactly fits your budget and business goals. Our specialists take into account all the details: the direction of work, the audience and planning for future profits.
  2. Checking the shares of the enterprise, as well as all accounting reports. This is necessary in order to protect yourself from encountering hidden problems of the company in the future.
  3. Preparation of a full package of documentation in order to re-register the company.
  4. Changing the name of the enterprise and appointing new persons to the position of directors.
  5. Opening a bank account in Japan and connecting the payment systems necessary for trading.

The professionals of our company will accompany you at every step indicated above, so you can start doing business in Japan quickly and seamlessly. In addition, we offer to issue licenses and permits for various types of business, in particular, a Forex broker license in Labuan, a gambling license in Malta, a crypto permit in Estonia, and more.

Document list and requirements

You can buy a ready-made company in Japan online with the help of our experts. It is allowed to establish such a company in the presence of any citizenship. Consider the list of documentation that is subject to verification when acquiring a company:

  • statutory documents must be registered and ready for further transfer;
  • it is also necessary to have a registered company name, which the new owner can change in the future;
  • the firm must have an identification number. A tax inspection number can be issued after the purchase of a business;
  • it is important to check whether the company has a history.

The procedure for acquiring a ready-made company in Japan

Initially, you should decide on the type of company and the criteria that it must meet. Experienced lawyers of our firm will check all reports, make copies of all necessary documents and help you to go through all the stages of re-registration of the company. When the company is already registered in your name, we will help you get a VAT number and license your business. The acquisition of a shelf company in Japan consists of the following steps:

  • you need to draw up documents with an authorized notary;
  • then you need to complete the purchase of shares in the company;
  • appointment of directors;
  • opening a bank account and entering new information in the Commercial Register.

Taxation in Japan

A firm that is resident in Japan pays taxes in the country on income received in any country. A foreign enterprise pays only tax on income received directly in Japan. If a foreign firm has a permanent establishment in the jurisdiction, then all income that relates to the company is also subject to taxation.

The taxable income is the difference between profits and deductible expenses for the reporting period. Often, the transfer of individual assets between all subsidiaries is not considered a deductible expense.

  1. The standard tax rate is 23.2% and applies to firms with registered capital of 100 million yen or more.
  2. The corporate tax for a branch is similar to the commissions of a subsidiary. A consumption tax (similar to VAT) is paid on the sale of goods and services, the sale and lease of certain assets, imports and some of the digital services provided by foreign entrepreneurs in the country.
  3. Now the combined and local rate is 10% (in some cases – 8%), and is also equal to zero for exports and in a number of other cases.

How much does a ready-made company cost in Japan?

The price of a ready-made company in Japan differs depending on various factors, therefore it is calculated by experts individually. The specialists of our company calculate the whole price with the maximum optimization of the budget and offer the highest quality service and loyalty.

What is included in the cost of our service range

The specialists of our firm have vast experience and help each client in the field of registration and licensing of companies in Japan and other world countries. We work well with regulators and offer a huge list of off-the-shelf businesses for sale.

  1. Licensing and obtaining various permits to conduct activities.
  2. Full support at all stages of the process of buying a ready-made company.
  3. A wide range of corporate services, including the search and hiring of employees, the selection and rental of an office, reporting, etc.
  4. Opening a bank account and connecting a merchant account.
  5. Advice on all issues related to registration of business in any country.

Our company will provide you with qualified assistance in setting up a turnkey business around the world. We value each client and guarantee high-quality and favorable conditions for cooperation.

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