Japanese Financial Instruments Business Type II license holder Company for sale


580 million yen


The company holds two licenses: type II financial instruments business and real property-dealing business.

Type II Financial Instruments Business license holders are eligible of conducting such activities:

  • self-offering or Private Placement of Securities;
  • salesand purchase/market transactions of derivatives/foreign market intermediary/brokerage/agency services for these transactions, intermediary/brokerage/agency services for entrustment of these transactions, secondary distribution, or dealing in public offering/secondary distribution/private placement, in respect of non-high liquidity securities.
  • market transactions of derivatives unrelated to Securities, intermediary/brokerage/agency services for these

Company description:

  • Capital – 100 million yen
  • Business possible with the current business method manual (Buying and selling real estate trust beneficiary rights, recruiting real estate funds composed of other companies)
  • It is possible to continue employment of the president and business manager. The total salary of the two is about 1.5 million yen.
  • There is a system (in terms of capital, net assets, and personnel composition) that allows you to apply for a license under the Real Estate Specified Joint Enterprise Law.
  • Since the net assets are 50 million yen or more, you can also obtain a license for the money lending business.

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