Company registration in Liberia

Liberia is located in Western Africa. Recently, this jurisdiction has become more popular among foreign entrepreneurs. Liberia is a member of all international organizations, in particular the UN, WHO and IMF. Foreign investors see the country as a place to build a successful company respected in international markets.

Among the benefits of incorporating a business in Liberia are the following:

  • if the company makes a profit from foreign sources and does not own local real estate, it does not pay tax fees, including those assigned for capital gains. This makes Liberia look like a classic offshore;
  • there are no requirements for mandatory disclosure of information regarding assets and beneficiaries. In this jurisdiction there is no public register in which the data of directors and shareholders of the company would be entered;
  • there is no need to register annual accounts;
  • no currency control, no stamp duty;
  • owners and directors are not limited in citizenship and residence. Other firms and individual entrepreneurs are allowed to manage the enterprise;
  • the use of nominee services is allowed;
  • it is possible to organize meetings of the company’s shareholders in any country;
  • the company is allowed to issue shares with no par value.

These are the main advantages of Liberian jurisdiction.

Conditions for starting a business in Liberia

The organization must include at least 1 director (board member) and a secretary, however, there are no requirements for their citizenship or residency. Applications for registration of a new commercial structure are submitted to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, previously drawn up on letterhead. Non-residents are allowed to incorporate companies whose activities will be concentrated in the insurance, gaming, banking or stock industry. The company’s Statute states that non-residents have no restrictions for the chosen activity, the name of the company, the names of the founders and the amount of capital are also indicated.

You can register a company in Liberia in one of the following forms:

  • corporation. The number of shareholders must either exceed or be equal to the number of directors;
  • partnerships in which the liability of the participants is limited. Of all the partners, one can have the status of general, in which case his liability is not limited;
  • company. There are several options here: an individual organization, a partner company with division into shares and limited liability of participants, a closed fund organization and a non-profit;
  • a maritime firm with foreign capital.

The first two options are the most popular with non-residents. There are no capital requirements. As a rule, about 50 thousand dollars, divided into 500 shares, are enough for registration.

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