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Company registration for ICO

July 12, 2018

More and more people are thinking about how to make profitable investments in new technologies and legally reduce the costs of personal business to pay taxes and fees, so the registration of companies for ICO is a logical step for everyone.

Eternity Law International specialists help clients to implement projects to create promising companies for mining, select a country with the most favorable conditions for conducting ICO.


Correctly choosing a comfortable zone for the successful conduct of the ICO is a responsible step in the way of creating a new company. Our company is constantly contacted by customers who are interested in this issue.

We analyzed the legislative base market in all countries of the world and made up the top countries with the best jurisdiction.

Eternity Law International provides quality services in:

  • registration of foreign companies;
  • buying a ready-made company;
  • assisting in the conduct of accounting.

Which country is suitable for the new ICO? According to our experts, the review should start with UK.


This is the country in which the government is most loyal to the development of electronic technologies. There is a favorable atmosphere for digital coin startups, mining and virtual money exchange. The state does not see the need for the formation of a legislative base for control over the sphere of cryptocurrencies.

Surprisingly, the United Kingdom combines two opposites: the digital currency is refused to be perceived as real money. Mining profits and the exchange of digital currencies for others are not subject to taxation.

In this case, income and corporate taxes, capital gains and VAT are paid by business entities that accept the digital currency as payment for services and goods.

If you are preparing to implement a unique project, look for a reliable partner for doing business in digital online technologies, you need to get consultations of experienced consulting specialists, open a company abroad, a bank account or a new payment system?

Eternity Law International experts are waiting for you and will help you get a license in any field of activity.


In 2015, on the island of Men, which is the patrimony of the British Crown, have developed a legislative framework for regulating the turnover of tokens by an unlimited circle of persons. Its basis is the AML law, which came into force in 2014-2015, as well as the law on the implementation of the norms “Know Your Client”.

Meng Brian Donegan, head of the finance department of the Department of Economic Development of the island, highly appreciates the comfortable conditions, broad prospects for the implementation of ICO and the formation of new cryptocurrencies.


Pleasant news for our customers is that the authorities of Gibraltar appreciate the possibilities of modern digital currencies. Officials of the state adopted a set of rules for companies that conduct their activities in the ICO.

They came into force on January 1, 2018. Work on the creation of favorable and safe conditions for mining is carried out with the assistance of professionals in the field of block technology.

It should be noted that the first rules that legalized the circulation of cryptocurrency were registered in 2016. With their help, the basis of the Gibraltar distribution accounting system was created.


The legal turnover of crypto-currency in Estonia is registered at the legislative level. The state encourages the development of innovative digital technologies, facilitates the holding of new start-ups.

In addition, there is an unprecedented action: all ID-card holders and online residents receive free of charge unique official e-mail addresses that can be used for mining. Such a system allows to achieve an even distribution of money in the open market.

Citizens share with the state new developments in the context of improving technology, and are ready to make deposits from personal funds for the development of the country.

The initiative group of the online residency project made a proposal to launch the first state ICO and presented Estocoin to the world: the national cryptocurrency of Estonia.

The currency will be put into circulation, consumers will be able to take advantage of Estonian digital money to pay for goods and services. Profit from the implementation of this project, the state will use to explore the possibilities of artificial intelligence and smart contracts.


Our clients proudly share their impressions of cooperation, they know about us, we are always on hearing. With professionals Eternity Law International want to work because:

  • we carefully and conscientiously carry out tasks of any level of complexity;
  • we use an individual approach to the solution of each task, work on a template is not about us;
  • annually we register a huge number of companies in different countries of the world;
  • we draw up documents, provide a wide range of additional services;
  • we work with a large audience of customers;
  • the program created by us simply and clearly calculates the cost of the services rendered.

We appreciate the high trust of our customers, we are responsible for protecting the interests and confidentiality of information about cooperation. Our specialists work in a non-stop mode. You can contact them in any convenient way.

We provide services:

  • in consulting, searching for new profitable solutions for the development and promotion of international business;
  • legal support;
  • accounting;
  • we continuously expand our operations and open new operational offices around the world;
  • we offer only legal ways of companies’ activity, which will help clients to manage the financial flow and receive a net profit.

We are on the side of advanced technologies, bold decisions and progress. Are ready to work already now and together with you to go to conquest of new tops. To get a consultation.

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