Eternity Law International News Registration of companies in Cyprus

Registration of companies in Cyprus

February 12, 2020


Registration of companies in Cyprus is still a popular area for the registration of companies of various types. These include:

  • trading companies;
  • IT companies;
  • various holdings.

Let us consider in more detail the advantages of registering companies in Cyprus.

Main advantages

Cyprus has three main and important advantages:

  • low tax rate;
  • the ability to open bank accounts;
  • undoubted ease of registration.

Cyprus has the lowest taxes in the world. They make up 12.5% ​​of net income tax and the absence of dividend taxes. But these are not the only tax advantages in Cyprus. The country has an extensive range of various tax benefits. For instance:

  • profit from intellectual property;
  • deduction on conditional percentage of new capital.

This has become a clear advantage for companies involved in IT technology.

Other advantages of Cyprus for companies:

  • privileges for holdings and investment funds;
  • does not tax income derived from the sale of shares or companies;
  • digging and account are in the same jurisdiction;
  • registration takes place from 10 to 15 days from the date of application;
  • the opportunity to trade with the European Union.

Who will be interested in registering a company in Cyprus

First of all, it will be of interest to those whose main goal is to work in the EU market. Through Cyprus, goods are delivered throughout Europe, and this is not subject to duties.

For those who want to register a holding and plan the income of foreign companies, Cyprus will also be interesting. Such popularity is due to the lack of a bet on all receipts in the holding.

IT companies have long and firmly settled in Cyprus. The total tax rate on intellectual property income is only 2.5%. This is a great help for such companies.

Convenience of company management

In business, the main priority is the convenience of using the company. This factor is fundamental when choosing a country.

The company’s location in Cyprus will allow it to use various areas for management: in the field of accounting and auditing services, outsourcing is widely developed, the availability of first-class specialists and excellent communications allow unhindered work and business services.

The presence of outsourcing allows to reduce staff to a minimum, not to keep additional employees.

English in Cyprus is one of the official languages. Thus, when a company is registered and its work begins, the language barrier disappears by itself. This helps to save on hiring a translator when making deals or submitting documents.

Registering a company in Cyprus has undeniable advantages.

Our company is based on experience with this country and Eternity Law International specialists will be happy to рrovide you with assistance in resolving this issue.

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