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Company registration in Slovenia

December 14, 2020

Slovenia is at the highest level of development among the Balkan countries economically. That is why foreign entrepreneurs want to live in this state and conduct business there. Legally, foreigners are practically unlimited in investments. A non-resident is allowed to own 100% of the organization’s property, however, only on the condition that it is related to the following areas: audit, publishing, television or radio, management of fund institutions, brokerage. Registration of a company in Slovenia opens up prospects for obtaining a residence permit.

Slovenia is not offshore, as its tax rates are 25% for profits and 15% for dividends. But, this is covered by the respectability of the jurisdiction itself, transparent conditions for business, support from the state apparatus and complete freedom in choosing the field of business activity

Before registering a company in Slovenia, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • a foreign company can act as a founder of an organization only if it was created at least 2 years before the registration procedure began;
  • the Slovenian branch is not listed as an independent legal entity;
  • the non-resident founder is required to obtain a local TIN prior to registration. You also need to get an EMŠO number. An individual must also provide a certificate confirming the absence of a criminal record on the territory of Slovenia;
  • companies similar in structure to LLCs have the opportunity to register or acquire movable or immovable property;
  • the board of directors does not have to include only residents.

Registration procedure

As with other countries, starting a business in Slovenia is a specific procedure. This state offers several of the following organizational forms:

  • Open Joint-Stock Company. The liability imposed on founders is limited according to their contributions. Number of founders: 5+. The minimum registered capital is 17,000 euros. During registration, 30% of this amount is paid.
  • DOO. This is an ordinary LLC. The founder of such a company may be the only member. Capital starts at € 7,500. The firm is granted the right to issue registered shares.
  • KDD. These are unlimited liability companies. The founders must include at least 2 persons. The companies are managed by general partners.

First of all, you need to draw up the relevant documents. Individuals need copies of passports, and legal entities provide the original register extract, made no more than 3 months ago. In addition, the company name and legal address must be confirmed. After that, a working account is created at the local banking institution.

After the company is issued a certificate, it will need to register with the Tax Office and the Health Insurance Institute.

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