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Asset management license in Switzerland

February 16, 2024

Asset supervision is the distribution and control of a client’s finances, namely the acquisition and management of stocks, bonds and stock investments. Such activities are very popular and profitable in this country. Below we will consider the conditions for licensing in the field of financial management, the structure and regulation of this activity.

Our company is an expert in the field of establishment and official registration of commercial structures. We provide comprehensive advice on any issues related to obtaining an asset management license. In addition, we have an offer of a Switzerland asset management license for sale.

Overview of asset management license in Switzerland

In this jurisdiction, transactions carried out with financial assets require the firm to have a special license. Under constant supervision are:

  • banking and insurance sectors;
  • activities of securities dealers;
  • activities of firms managing any type of valuable assets;
  • also operators who work with collective investment schemes.

All these areas are regulated at the legislative level, since such activities involve trading and other transactions with securities. That is why enterprises that manage the finances of third parties cannot legally provide their services without permission.

Our company is ready to provide you with professional comprehensive support in establishing your business. You can also buy Switzerland licensed asset management company as an option for a ready-made commercial project.

According to Swiss laws on the prevention of illegal circulation of funds, companies that manage the finances of their clients are required to adhere to established standards, rules and regulatory parameters. Such companies are required to inform management about all transactions that cause them doubts and suspicions. That is, if a company suspects that a client’s assets were obtained illegally, then the compliance officer is obliged to report this to management, who in turn will notify the relevant authorities, and they will verify the legality of the company’s client’s funds.

Get license for asset management in Switzerland

You can successfully obtain asset management license in Switzerland in the following cases.

  1. You must have an office registered in Switzerland.
  2. The company must be headed by at least two directors with professional qualifications in financial management.
  3. The work of the entire enterprise must be established, and internal control and risk management mechanisms must be developed.
  4. The minimum authorized capital of the company must also be paid (100 thousand Swiss francs).
  5. The enterprise must also have its own capital to support the further activities of the company.
  6. Availability of an approved professional liability insurance policy or document providing reasonable financial guarantees.

Contact our specialists and we will advise you on the preparation and collection of documents, but also on any other issues related to licensing, opening a company from scratch and the successful operation of an enterprise in any country in the world. We will tell you about the best jurisdictions to obtain an asset management license. In addition, our company also has an offer of a Switzerland asset management license for sale.

All personnel involved in the activities of the company will be required to provide a CV and documents confirming the relevant qualifications, as well as a document that allows them to legally work in Switzerland. By law, companies are required to provide induction training to employees, as well as conduct annual training.

Advantages of Switzerland over other jurisdictions

If you decide to get asset management license in Switzerland, you will become the owner of a business in a jurisdiction with the following advantages.

  1. Reputation as a reliable and progressive market space on the global stage.
  2. Switzerland has a stable economy.
  3. Low tax and well-functioning tax system.
  4. Favorable business environment for development.
  5. Issue of shares is permitted.

Thus, the option of asset management license in Switzerland for sale will be a profitable start to your own business.

General requirements for asset management license in Switzerland to be followed

  1. Monthly provision of financial reports, as well as final annual reports.
  2. A resident secretary must be appointed.
  3. The company name must be in English and include the suffixes GmbH or Ltd liab. Co with the ending Limited.

Professional support in getting asset management licensed company for sale in Switzerland

You might purchase ready-made asset management license in Switzerland for sale or get it by yourself. When applying for a permit, you may have difficulties or questions. If you encounter the slightest difficulties, you can contact the specialists of our company. Our lawyers will be happy to advise you and help you fill out any kind of documents.

  1. We will help you register your company in any jurisdiction in the world.
  2. Our specialists also help to open banking accounts for companies.
  3. We will help you prepare all the necessary documents for your license application.
  4. Our company can also advise you on any issue related to business or licensing around the world.
  5. If you have difficulties recruiting personnel, we will also be happy to help you.
  6. If you have questions about optimizing the work of your enterprise regarding licensing, you can also contact us, and our lawyers will tell you everything in detail and help you bring everything to perfection.
  7. Professional assistance in expanding businesses and opening branches in other EU countries and around the world.
  8. Certification services.
  9. Asset management license for sale in Switzerland and in other countries.
  10. We can also offer you various already licensed enterprises in Switzerland or anywhere else in the world.
  11. Our consultants will support and help you at any stage of your business development.

We have been working for several years, so our specialists have extensive experience in this field and are able to find an individual approach to each client. We know everything about asset management licenses in Spain, Germany, Portugal and other countries. Our company can also offer a Switzerland asset management licensed company for sale.

Call or write to us right now and as soon as possible, and without unnecessary hassle you will become the owner of a licensed company that will bring you daily income. We will help you both with obtaining a license for a company and with re-registration of a company.

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