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July 11, 2018


Eternity Law International provides ICO consulting and also prepares, accompanies and organizes ICO-campaigns for companies and private entrepreneurs.

Initial coin offering (ICO) is a form of attracting investment infusions into various production programs and emission schemes, as well as implementing cryptocurrencies among sponsors. It is used in the same way – by first implementing tokens.

Our company implements ICO projects in specially designed modules, taking into account aspects of theory and practice.

  1. Block No. 1. “Legislative base, finance, business”. Distribution of detachment through business, social projects, programs Fintech and Govtech. Coordination of Cryptocurrency in the legal field, taking into account the developments of different states.
  2. Block No. 2. “IT-development”. The work of the concept of blockade. Services and contracts in the style of a smart: formation based on the blockbuster. Presentations from developers, familiarization, discussion, practical bases, code analysis.
  3. Block No. 3. “Marketing lobbying and starting ICO”. Develop awareness of the start-up and attract investors. Known modern marketing developments in the field of ICO. Modeling the strategy of marketing moves.
  4. Block No. 4. «ICO: experience and practice». ICO – replacement of IPO. The idea to increase investment. Experience of projects with ICO-financing. Stimulation of interest in venture investors’ projects, organization of funds with cryptocurrency capital. Personal school of investors.


Systematization and coordination of the start-ups:

  1. Choosing a legal way to implement ICO when registering a company.
  2. Analysis of the project by methodology.
  3. Creating an account for storing cryptocurrency.
  4. Account in the bank: opening in a fiat currency.
  5. Design of the site.
  6. Filling the site and content.
  7. IT-development.
  8. White Paper – formation of strategy.
  9. Legal documentation for the ICO project – development and necessity.
  10. Launch of promotional activities.
  11. Start the project in ICO coordinates.
  12. Development and maintenance.


For the implementation of ICO, our company offers its services with registration in Estonia, and also has the following advantages:

  • zero tax rate on profit in the cryptocurrency;
  • registration of a firm under the jurisdiction of the EU;
  • wide access to bank accounts throughout Europe;
  • adequate legislative base;
  • availability of registration of licenses for any type of business;
  • there is no corruption of officials and problems with tax procedures.

Designing and preparing a package of documents for the project

  • Privacy Policy – rules for the classification of personal data;
  • Development of the Token – agreement on the implementation of cryptogen (tokens);
  • KYC / AML Politcs – documentation regarding identification and verification procedures in relation to clients;
  • White Paper is an informative memorandum, a basic investor’s charter, verdicts on investments in the project are made; displays information about the tasks of the startup, creators, mentors, partners and other stakeholders;
  • Terms & Conditions – public offer, parties – multinational persons, fixes detailed information about the terms of the agreement for crypto-investors and obligations to investors.


  • consultation on licensing terms;
  • compilation of rules on countering money-laundering;
  • creation of the order “Know Your Customer”;
  • the preparation of rules that apply when international sanctions are imposed;
  • registration of the application.

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