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IT Law. Changes are happening in the banking sector and the economic sphere all over the world. They are aimed at fighting with shadow income and finding tax evaders. Therefore, in order for a foreign IT company to function fully, for a number of firms it became necessary to comply with Subtstance conditions, namely to open an office and hire employees in the country of registration.
Bank managers are increasingly rejecting applications from companies without complying with Substance conditions. On the other hand, many companies find it difficult to maintain a staff and office, as this significantly increases the allowance of the company.
It is important to foresee the risks and work out the legal aspects. Otherwise, you may incur losses in terms of taxation or have problems with the account.
To do this, you need to choose the correct company jurisdiction taking into account the tax residence of the founders and directors of the company, work out the structure of the company, choose the right payment solutions, and comply with all the requirements of the company’s jurisdiction.


Firstly, you need to select a country for company registration. It influences not only a successful launch, but also the further work of the company. You should:

  • set goals and objectives for your project;
  • set the scale and geography of the sale of your services;
  • calculate and optimize the tax burden;
  • evaluate the possibilities of implementing and calculate the price for substance;
  • analyze the chosen jurisdiction and the conditions for using the account.

To avoid possible risks, you can contact the professionals of Eternity Law International. We calculate carefully each step and suggest the best option.


Personal data is an important part of modern business. Top priorities are safety and conservation. This aspect is controlled by the GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation.

It is mandatory for all organizations that collect information about customers, regardless of activity sphere: online stores, CRM systems, cloud storage services, etc.

The European Union has signed a document regarding personal data, which includes many subordinate acts. However, only the GDPR is considered the most important. It provides rules and guidelines for the protection and use of data. This document protects the rights of citizens and residents of the European Union and spreads its powers beyond Union’s borders.

Violations are subject to huge penalties, which can amount to € 20,000,000.

If you are the owner of an IT company, please contact us and receive turn-key services. We follow GPRS requirements and EU legislation provisions.


Having a good idea for a startup, you can contact our company with a goal to get comprehensive support. Project support is not only cover working issues. We have to deal with a huge number of other matters, for example, drafting agreements and submitting reports.

A lot of time is wasted. Find a specialist, increase efficiency, and accelerate the pace of company development.

Our strengths:

  • fast reaching of the goals;
  • competent problem solving;
  • best value;
  • guaranteed result.

We are ready to solve any problem. We are engaged in the development of agreements, consulting on taxation, registration of copyrights and logos, obtaining licenses.


IT business is mobile. It changes together with surrounding environment. Thus, great prospects appear.

The main advantage is the ability to develop the structure of the business and manage legal issues independently.

It should be mentioned that operations similar to each other have one legal essence. Nevertheless, at the same time, a separate taxation is developed and various risks are calculated.


Items of copyright rights and intellectual property play an important role in the IT sphere. They bring a great profit. Therefore, managers are interested in protecting their products.

Copyright rights in IT sphere are made of provisions in agreements and registration of company rights. The entrepreneur should be registered and then he/she receives a document with ownership.

We register trademarks and help to draw up the patents for software. We also provide advice for every specific issue.


IT sphere meets new startups every day. However, not every continues developing.

You need to understand the following: to implement a startup, it is important to think over all the technical points. This is especially true for successful implementation of global market projects. So then, investments are required.

Investment arrangement methods:

  • joining the investor to the team;
  • application of a venture financing scheme;
  • preparation and entering of a strategic agreement.

We will help you choose the best way. We solve legal issues and create mechanisms to attract investors.


Every head of a foreign company must know how agreements are drawn up and what significance they have.

Types of agreements:

  • as for production of a new item;
  • for non-disclosure of personal data;
  • as for development distribution;
  • for licenses.

There are different samples in the Internet. However, not all of them are multi purpose: risks, differences in legislation, etc.

If you pay close attention to the documentation, you can attract new customers and increase efficiency. We will help you here.


Today there are risks associated with opening an account abroad. The world is fighting terrorists, so special requirements have been introduced, for example, providing documents and detailed records about the company’s activities.

In addition to the conditions of the bank, you should pay attention to the country, tariffs for non-residents and currency.

Opening an account remotely is a great advantage. We will solve this problem, since our employees have an extensive network of banks and payment systems. We will advise you on the best option and develop a jurisdiction.

Since the IT business is profitable today, we will responsibly help you to choose a state for registration. You should pay attention to profitability, risks, payments and attracting investments.

The team of our company will help you develop your business. We take into account the wishes of customers. We advise and work with documentation.

IT Law