Company registration in St. Lucia

Saint Lucia is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. But this territory is attractive for businessmen not only for this reason. Saint Lucia offers a fairly loyal base for the development of foreign business, which becomes the reason for the active interest of foreign entrepreneurs in it. In addition, in this jurisdiction it is possible to create an offshore company operating in the insurance sector, which is in every possible way favored by the island’s authorities.

Requirements for a company registered in Saint Lucia

  • The company is not required to involve a secretary.
  • There are no requirements for the initial size of the firm’s capital. It is recommended to form a start-up capital of 50 thousand dollars. However, this amount can be adjusted according to the specific business structure.
  • Bearer shares are not permitted.
  • The register of Saint Lucia is open – it contains all information about the owners and holders of the company’s shares, however, the data is not subject to disclosure. The company must publish only the Statute and the Memorandum of Association.

Taxation in Saint Lucia

In accordance with the Law governing the activities of international companies, tax privileges may be available to some companies. In general, a firm registered in Saint Lucia can pay:

  • corporate duty at a rate of 1%;
  • license fee, which is charged annually (the amount of such a fee is determined by the amount of the company’s start-up capital). This option assumes no obligation to audit and provide financial statements annually;
  • annual tax to the state treasury. It is fixed at $ 300.

An organization in Saint Lucia is exempted from paying tax on capital gains.

Since Saint Lucia is an offshore company, a company operating outside the island and receiving income from outside does not pay taxes. Profits earned outside Saint Lucia are:

  • income that an organization established on the island receives from a company registered in another state;
  • profits from real estate outside Saint Lucia;
  • income from deposits in securities that were issued by a non-resident of the island;
  • royalties of foreign companies;
  • any profit derived from a source outside Saint Lucia.

Saint Lucia has also signed agreements to avoid double taxation.

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