Ready-Made Business in Switzerland

Ready-Made Business in Switzerland

Although certain Confederation areas are now quite tightly regulated, establishing company in Switzerland is quite easy. You can simply create a partnership without worrying too much about technical issues. A ready-made business in Switzerland – accessible variant with organization already put into operation – it has all permits and matches other parameters.

Company in Switzerland: ownership types

  1. Single owner. It’s a popular option usually chosen by self-employed executives. Individuals and businesspersons running small organizations register just this type of activity. Such firms are often managed by one individual – he/she must have Switzerland residence. Such firms are enterprises with illimitable liability; enterprise denomination should contain owner’s name.
  2. There are firms with mutual ownership. Such firms have several owners – this form is alike single one, but it involves a group of businesspersons. No specific capital is needed here, but all owners should have residence, and enterprise needs be physically located in this state. Also, one owner’s name must be part of firm’s denomination.
  3. Limited structure is now quite rare; such organizations are a form of mutual ownership. Such ready made companies in Switzerland are created and certified by Commerce Union.
  4. Joint Stock Enterprise. Most popular variant for law firms is to form corporations. Directors or Board must be residents.

Expenses company with account in Switzerland requires

Firm establishment price is relatively low, from 700 francs to more than 1000 francs for sole proprietorships and LLCs. However, a private firm can cost 15+ thousand francs.


All organizations pay income tax to country’s treasury. The rate of such tax is 8.5%, but in reality it usually amounts to approximately 7.8% of firm’s taxable profit for the year. Often, Swiss firms pay a general corporate tax rate of 11.9% to 21.6%. 

Time to establish companies in Switzerland

Whole procedure lasts up to 1 month. At the same time, starting capital is kept in banking account till it’s certified as legal entity.

Before initiating this quite complicated process, it’s mandatory to examine quality of your ideas, check all the risks and develop correct outline based on practical expertise. Before launching a project, study a few points.

  1. How difficult is it to implement commercial operations in this state?
  2. Are you ready for the upcoming responsibilities?
  3. What should be the starting capital?
  4. What is the best area to work in to become thriving faster?
  5. How to protect your ideas?
  6. How much competition awaits you?
  7. What must you know to open enterprise in chosen field?

Establishing a business from scratch is challenging and comes with a lot of risks. A ready-made company in Switzerland for sale is a fairly profitable way, especially with the restricted time frame allotted for firm launching. If you are planning to create firm in this state and want to enter the market as soon as possible, contact our experts. We’ll provide you with a wide range of affordable businesses, as well as advise on all your questions.

Contact us if you intend to start cooperating with this jurisdiction – we will provide you with the most profitable option and complex consultation.

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