Eternity Law International News Company registration in St. Kitts

Company registration in St. Kitts

December 22, 2020

Saint Kitts is located in the Caribbean and is part of the joint island state of Saint Kitts and Nevis. This is an offshore company in the direct sense. The main advantages of setting up a company in this jurisdiction are as follows:

  • complete absence of tax collections;
  • there are no reporting requirements;
  • high level of confidentiality, since the register in this state is closed;
  • the ability to resort to nominee services;
  • protection of offshore structures by state authorities and providing them with active support.

St. Kitts company form

The type of company available to non-residents in St Kitts is NBCO – a tax exempt company. The company must fulfill the following requirements:

  • attract a local agent and register an office;
  • at least the company needs 1 shareholder;
  • the management of the company includes at least 1 director;
  • legal entities are allowed to act as directors and shareholders.

Capital requirements

  • There are no initial capital requirements.
  • It is recommended to have about 100 thousand dollars to start a business, which are divided into shares of $ 1.
  • You do not need to pay the Criminal Code in full. The minimum deposit is $ 1.

Tax system

St. Kitts is an offshore company, therefore non-residents do not pay tax fees. There are also no requirements for filing reports (neither financial, nor accounting) for each annual period.

Registration package for a company in St. Kitts

Standardly, the package of registration documents includes:

  • certificate of incorporation;
  • a decision confirming the appointment of a person to the position of director;
  • Status and founding agreement;
  • promotional certificates;
  • power of attorney if the company uses nominee services;
  • apostille;
  • stamp.

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