Offshore company Aruba

Registration fee 1 225.00 USD
The cost of renewal of the company 850.00 USD
Number of directors 1
Corporate tax 28.00%
Paid share capital 25 000.00
Mandatory reporting no

Aruba is a territory that belongs to the group of the Lesser Antilles under the jurisdiction of the Netherlands. It is a small tropical island, with a total area of 193 square kilometers with a population of 100,000 people.

Aruba is one of the most attractive options for offshore companies: low taxes and favorable conditions for doing business attract a huge number of businessmen, wishing to open a company with the most favorable business climate.


The activities of organizations in Aruba are defined by two local laws, in particular:

  • The companies act, adopted in 1988;
  • The New Fiscal Framework, in force since 2000.

These legal acts ensure the favorable business climate for both local and foreign companies. Next, we consider some peculiarities of activities of offshore companies in Aruba.


In order to open your own company, you will have to deposit the share capital, the amount of which is about 25,000 units of the local currency. Local joint stock companies can use any kind of shares, they can be registered or bearer. Any restriction on the tax residency of shareholders is absent, however,  the local LLC shall have not less than two shareholders. Again, it doesn’t matter, if they are natural or legal persons.

In addition to the absence of restrictions on shareholders` residency, there are no obstacles on the tax residency of the head of the company. It will take only one director, no matter if he is a natural person or a legal entity. Accounting at the enterprises is mandatory, however, auditing is not required.

Another important advantage of Aruba to open there an offshore company is the tax policy of the state.  You still have to pay taxes, but their rates are relatively low. Thus, despite the need for fiscal transfers, doing business with companies registered in Aruba  is still more favorable than in any onshore company.

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