Ready-made companies for sale


We sell companies abroad, which have their advantages:
– Offshore jurisdictions. Companies in offshore jurisdictions.
– Low tax jurisdictions – more high-status enterprises, if we compare them with the classic offshore. Doing business in them is much more profitable than under normal conditions, since there are tax incentives.

Capital is best transferred in the form of dividends, in the form of royalty-payment or interest of the bank. In addition, there is no double taxation with other countries. Beneficial are the conditions and cooperation with offshore territories, where there is a permit for nominal services of payment transactions.

To optimize the organization’s taxation process, an excellent solution is to register a subsidiary.

Prestigious. When buying a foreign company, the reputation and prestige of the organization increases with customers and partners.

The company receives advanced features: low rates on European lending, stabilization of the economic and geopolitical situation, development of the banking system, ability to work with highly qualified specialists.

In addition, there is an agreement on the impossibility of double taxation of the company. The advantage is that it opens the possibility of obtaining a residence permit, and eventually citizenship.

Countries with low tax jurisdictions: Liechtenstein, PRC, Hong Kong district, Cyprus, Malta, Singapore.

States, the purchase of companies which implies prestigious jurisdiction: Australia, EU countries, USA, Canada.


We provide our assistance in choosing the best country for doing business. We have offers to buy a foreign company that has or does not have a corporate bank account.

In addition, we have the possibility to provide legal or accounting management of a foreign enterprise. When you buy a foreign company with us, you get:
– an enterprise that is registered under all the rules of the law;
– full package of necessary documents, articles of association, extracts from it, all necessary certificates;
– a company from scratch, no debt, negative banking history or credit obligations.

We are ready to answer all your questions at any time convenient for you.

The list of companies available for sale is constantly updated, it is available on our telegram channel. If you cannot find a suitable option in the list, write to us which company you are looking for, we will try to find it in accordance with your requirements.

Doing international business, it is very profitable to own commercial organizations, registered in different countries. There are a number of reasons for this: the conduct of international business, the financial markets of another country are in immediate availability, the possibility of profitable and loyal cooperation with foreign partners.

In addition, it is prestigious to have a foreign company; it raises the rating among competitors and customers.

Ready-made companies for sale



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