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The ability to successfully integrate businesses into commercial environment is reinforced by the ability of entrepreneurs to give prompt response to changes and global trends. Especially in the face of fierce commercial competition, businesses need to be launched quickly and ensure cooperation with potential partners and target consumers from the very first days. Therefore, entrepreneurs are showing increasing interest in already established solutions – ready-made companies with a well-established structure and appropriate permits.

  • Ready-made Company in Madeira for Sale

    Europe, Portugal

    A ready-made company in Madeira for sale is offered to the attention of interested investors. The company was founded in 2019. Company in Madeira with bank account for sale The opportunity to buy a ready-made company in Madeira, which is now on the market, is a chance to own a company with the following features…

    Company in Peru for sale

    South America, Peru

    This is a new investment opportunity – company in Peru for sale. Please check out the main details regarding this proposal below. Peru company for sale: key considerations Registered in 2020; Bank account in local bank; The activity is electronic equipment trading; Local director is not required. If you are looking to buy a company…

    Ready-made company in Luxembourg for sale

    Europe, Luxembourg

    There is a ready-made company in Luxembourg for sale with an active bank account on the market. It is an established structure waiting for its new owner. Shelf company in Luxembourg for sale An offer to buy a ready-made company in Luxembourg is an opportunity to become the owner of an organization that has the…

    Ready-made crypto company in the Czech Republic for sale

    Europe, Czech Republic

    A new business opportunity – a ready-made crypto company in the Czech Republic for sale. Please check the main details of the proposal below. Crypto company in the Czech Republic for sale: details of the transaction Company status: ready-made company w/ share capital of 1.000 CZK. Accounts: an account in a Czech bank (EUR, CZK)…

    Ready-made company with bank account in Estonia for sale

    Europe, Estonia

    Ready-made company with bank account in Estonia for sale 🇪🇪 What’s included: – registered in 2020; – OÜ (LLC); – bank account in WISE; – current type of activity – Other education not classified elsewhere (subject to a change); – the company is accredited by International Coaching Federation (has accredited programs and courses, many partnerships…

    Ready-made company in UK with bank account for sale

    Europe, UK

    Ready-made company in UK with National Westminster Bank account for sale What’s included: – registered in 2015; – LTD; – Type of activity – (70229) Management consultancy activities other than financial management; – Bank account in National Westminster Bank; – No debts, loans, the company is dormant; – Changing owner and type of activity is…

    Ready-made company in Hong Kong with bank account for sale

    Offshore, Hong Kong

    Ready-made company in Hong Kong with bank account for sale What’s included: • Registered in 2019: • Type of activity – trading; • Bank account in the Bank of East Asia (BEA); • No debts, loans, had commenced business but stopped; • Local (nominee) services included. Company may be transferred to the new owner in…

    Small run Swiss card processing crypto exchange company for sale

    Europe, Switzerland

    Unique Opportunity: This company is still small but has a lot of potential. Registered company in 2019 Company headquarters in Canton Schwyz Website is active Business: Card processing Visa, Master, UnionPay, etc… High risk card processing for crypto, gaming or forex Buy merchant accounts for high-risk transactions Cryptocurrency to fiat currency exchange Container sponsorship US…

    Company with crypto authorizations in Bulgaria for sale

    Europe, Bulgaria Crypto licenses for sale

    A new business opportunity – a ready-made company with crypto authorizations in Bulgaria for sale. Details of this transaction The is a ready-made company for sale with incorporation in Estonia. Operations with cryptoassets are obtained in Bulgaria. Company with crypto authorizations in Bulgaria for sale: eligible operations The entity is authorized for the provision of…

    Holding Group Company on Cayman Islands for Sale

    Offshore, Cayman Islands

    Structure with high income and excellent prospects. This proposal has a lot of benefits for the interested investor, since it involves minimal risks and the stability of the company’s internal commercial environment. The company is already established in the market and has its own anchor in the form of good profits. Thus, a holding group…

    Brokerage Company with MT4 and MT5 in Saint Vincent and Grenadines for sale

    North America, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

    Commercial structure consisting of the following components: Brokerage company in Saint Vincent and Grenadines for sale Enterprise Singapore Holdings. Payment mechanism in the Cypriot jurisdiction. For sale Brokerage Company with MT4 and MT5 in Saint Vincent and Grenadines Investment-type services permitted within activity scope of forex brokerage company for sale: Acceptance and transmission of orders,…

    Ready-made company in Malta with bank account for sale founded in 2015

    Europe, UK

    Ready to use company in Malta with bank account : This company was founded in 09/2015 with the aim of providing Renovation, Fit-Out, and Construction services in Monaco, France and Greece. It was setup as a “HOLDING + OPERATIONAL” (HOLCO+OPCO) twin set of companies in Malta for tax reasons, due to the very low effective…

    FSC Licensed Company in the British Virgin Islands for sale

    Europe, UK

    Basic details regarding the activities and structural organization of FSC licensed company in the British Virgin Islands. The company has a license giving the right to act as a service provider in the financial industry. Capital must be US$1 million. Having an account with a banking institution in Singapore. There are no unresolved or open…

    Company with PSP license in Kazakhstan for sale

    Europe, Kazakhstan

    Interested investors are offered the opportunity to buy a company with payment license in Kazakhstan with appropriate license to conduct official operation. Firm possesses payment system license. Activities are regulated by the National Bank of Kazakhstan. Period of validity of the permit: indefinite (however, this is subject to the company’s compliance with the requirements put…

    Ready-made company in Singapore for sale incorporated in 2018

    Europe, UK

    Details: Incorporated in 2018; Declared activity: management and consulting; Had previous activity and operational now; Multicurrency account with SEPA and SWIFT; Local director can remain; Website is included in the offer. Asking price: on a reaquest. Details: Telegram: @nickbhl

    What is a shelf company?

    Ready-made companies are firms already having registration. Such firms, for the most part, never conducted business activities and did not provide any services. They are created directly for sale – all state fees are already paid, and necessary reports are submitted.

    Types of shelf companies

    There’re 2 types of shelf-firms – operated and unused ones.

    1. Unused – enterprises have never been in operation before. Such enterprises simply exist in anticipation of sale and re-registration to new owners. Such a firm has no history or name that is known to consumers. Establishment of such a company, as a rule, takes at least a couple of days, plus it takes time to make the appropriate changes to the registry.
    2. Operated ones are old firms that have previously functioned on the market. Often they are sold with open bank accounts. Such ready-made firms are beneficial to acquire for business-owners who intend to demonstrate an aged brand history and a valid account from the very beginning of operation, which has received some attention from consumers.

    In terms of commercial structure, next-mentioned are most common types of shelf-companies:

    • firms with limited liabilities – a structure consisting of shares of participants who are not responsible for Ltd.’s duties and losses;
    • JSC – firms consisting of securities of participants.

    What to consider before purchasing a shelf-company

    Ready-made structures can become quite a risky acquisition for new owners, since some nuances of deals can be hidden from superficial verification in a certain way. To avoid challenges with one or another aspect of the aged company’s presence on the market, in particular, financial troubles, before buying, a deep examination should be carried out with the involvement of lawyers and auditors. In addition, it is important to buy such firms together with all proprietors to get away from minority beneficiaries.

    There’re much fewer problems with ready-made enterprises, especially if the original shareholders are lawyers or registration-agencies selling this firm. The advantage of such structures, compared to a new company, is speed of making changes to official notes. Registered Ltd or JSC begins to work much faster than a self-registered one.

    How to buy a ready-made company

    1. Determine goals for your activities.
    2. Consult with experts regarding the choice of a profitable space for a bank account.
    3. Choose a bank for cooperation.
    4. Open a merchant account for corporative payments.
    5. Contact our experts to liquidate risks and buying the company as soon as possible.

    We’ll help you to make this process cheap and convenient for you.

    What is included in the cost of services

    Using our professional services, you can buy a registered JSC or Limited firm on favorable terms, which has all documentation necessary for safe and legal deals: enterprise establishment certificate. The exact list of documents may differ from the list provided below, as this list depends on the country where the company is registered:

    • articles of association of the enterprise;
    • minutes of first meetings;
    • register of shareholders;
    • certificate in name of a nominal shareholder;
    • power of attorney for property management;
    • notarized copies of documents;
    • corporate seal.

    It is better to check the exact list with our experts.

    The cost of specialist services when buying firms includes fees for establishment, getting a legal address, annual maintenance (when purchasing enterprises with experience, you must pay this fee for each year while they were inactive), and delivery of documents by courier. We’ll do all possible to make this way cheap and comfortable for our clients.

    Shelf company benefits

    1. Significant time-savings. You don’t have to wait until a particular service is accessible, confirm copies and wait for documentation. Deciding to buy ready-structure, businesspersons get a full set of documentation issued to clients in just an hour.
    2. Having purchased a ready-made organization, you can immediately create account with a bank. This is the best option if you need to quickly start commercial activities, sign contracts with potential partners or customers, etc.
    3. Old firm may already have appointed directors and shareholders. When buying a firm, you can become the beneficial owner with a general power of attorney and keep the structure of the enterprise. Businesspersons may also re-register it for themselves and become shareholders by independently appointing directors (including yourself).
    4. Acquisition of old structures, especially an offshore shelf company, is the most profitable option, especially when it comes to areas of activity with the most controversial aspects of regulation. These industries emerged relatively lately and haven’t received a regulatory framework in various states, or are considered financially risky. Particularly, it includes licensing of crypto-companies, Forex-structures and gambling industry.

    Entrepreneurs can also turn their attention to ready-made offshoring companies in special separate zones. Offshore shelf-company benefits for doing commercials is many of these zones have reduced tax rates, or no taxes at all. In addition, with an offshore company entrepreneurs get the opportunity to withdraw their funds abroad without fear of the instability of the economic situation in the country of residence. In addition, when deciding to get a company offshore, bear in mind that all data of shareholders are kept in confidentiality. Our firm offers offshore companies for sale.

    How much does a shelf-company cost?

    Prices of old firms include state fees, payment for intermediary services, documentation and sending them, legal-address, creation of accounts and other points. If the enterprise is open for a certain period of time, it will be necessary to pay the costs of maintaining it in previous years. In some cases, it is required to open a bank account, if it is not available, with the provision of apostilled copies of documents.

    The total cost of acquiring an aged business also depends on the jurisdiction chosen by the entrepreneur. Significant point is also licensing, the search and hiring of nominee directors and workers, and payments of rent for offices so the firm is physically present locally. Buying a ready-made organization is perfect option in terms of financial costs. This is easy to see if you need to buy all the related services needed for the operation of the company, separately.

    Our company offers transparent terms of the transaction and a full range of services – the cheap acquisition of offshore-company on a turnkey basis. Our professionals independently go through all the stages of establishment, certify documentation and provide you with ready enterprise to get started making it cheap and lucrative for you. We also offer ready-made licenses for sale for various activities – you don’t need to pay extra for any additional services, which will save you a lot of money and time.

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