Eternity Law International About the Company

About the Company

Eternity Law International provides professional consulting, legal, tax and auditing services.

Our specialists provide the following services globally.

  • Registration and Planning for International Business
  • International Tax Advisory‬
  • International Consulting services
  • Accounting and Financial Reporting Service‬
  • Evaluation and Business Modelling‬
  • Tax Policy and Tax Dispute Resolution Advice‬
  • Transfer Pricing Services‬
  • ‪Strategic Advice for Growth Markets‬
  • Transaction Advisory Service‬
  • Advice on Restructuring‬
  • Asset Sale Advisory Service‬
  • Real Estate Consulting Service‬
  • Support for Mergers and Acquisitions‬
  • Services for the operational integration of transactions;‬
  • ‪Increase business efficiency;‬
  • Management and Information Technology
  • Consulting Services for the Financial Sector‬
  • Business Risk Management Advice
  • Services for Clean Technology and Sustainable Development‬
  • Financial Reporting Advisory Services (FAAS)‬
  • ‪Investigation of Fraud and Conflict Resolution Advice‬
  • Audit Services‬
  • Asset Protection Service‬
  • Accompanying the opening of bank accounts and acquiring;‬
  • Guidance and Support to Obtain Licenses for Gambling Activities‬
  • Guidance and Support to Obtain Licenses for Forex Activities‬
  • Facilitate Ownership of Financial Licenses‬
  • Support in Obtaining Licenses for Cryptocurrencies and ICO‬
  • Support of mergers and acquisitions (MNA)‬
  • Registration of Aircraft and Marine Craft‬
  • Provision of Virtual Office Services ‬
  • ‪Obtain and Establish Trademarks, Logo and Marks ‬
  • Design and Protection of Intellectual Property‬

We work adhering to the principles:

About the Company


About the Company

Data protection

About the Company


About the Company

Individual approach to the client

About the Company

Completion of tasks within the agreed time frame

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Dreikonigstrasse, 31A, Stockerhof


Baseina street, 7


Grosvenor Gardens, 52


1629 K St. Suite 300 N.W.


Gediminas Avenue, 44A


Kesklinna linnaosa, Tuukri 19


Lochrin Square, 1


Jacovides Tower, 5 floor


Esplanade, 7 floor

Hong Kong

18 Harbour Road, 35/F, Central Plaza, Wanchai


Level 42, Suntec Tower Three, 8 Temasek Boulevard


20 Martin Place


2609 Avenida da Boavista


Revaz Tabukashvili Str., N 45, area N 7