Company registration in Armenia

Armenia, as a constantly developing country with a growing GDP, attracts many foreign investors. Among the advantages of this jurisdiction, one can also highlight the presence of zones in which there are significant tax benefits and there are no obligations to attract residents to the LLC.

Tax system

Medium and large firms pay value added tax duties using the standard rate of 20%. The corporate fee is also 20%. If an enterprise registered on the territory of Armenia plans to work in the trade sphere, run a restaurant or auto salon business of a small scale, or engage in dental activities, a fixed amount or a patent-type tax will be charged from it monthly.

In addition, businesses incorporated in this jurisdiction are required to pay income tax on salaries of employees based on the following:

  • the amount does not exceed 150,000 AMD per month – 23 percent;
  • 150,000-2 million AMD – 28 percent;
  • 2+ million AMD – 36%.

Social tax is about 5-10%. The indicator depends on the amount of profit received.

In addition to the above, the company may be required to pay other fees associated with a particular area of ​​activity, which implies the presence of a licensed permit (tax collection from vehicles, etc.). Non-resident investors planning to participate in already active startups related to the IT sector, or wishing to create a new structure, should definitely study all the innovations adopted by local regulatory authorities.

From 2019 Armenia introduces a new obligation for IT development companies: such firms do not pay corporate duties. In order to receive an exemption from this type of tax, you need to obtain a special certificate that allows you to launch and develop various information technologies. Thus, the rate will drop to 10%.


The Government of Armenia has taken all appropriate measures to create a positive and fruitful environment for the development of business projects. This, in turn, also attracts foreign capital owners. Foreign founders do not need to cooperate with residents in order to contribute to the creation of a commercial structure in the country.

In accordance with the legal framework of the jurisdiction, the personal presence of all founders during the submission of documents to state institutions is also not required.

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