Increase the length of stay in Ukraine

Increase the length of stay in Ukraine. Increasing the time spent abroad will come in handy in such cases:

  1. the visa has expired;
  2. you need to enter the country under a visa-free regime, but the allotted time is not enough for you.

A reason to stay in the country

Having decided to stay on the territory of Ukraine for more than the prescribed period, contact the migration service. You need to give a good reason for the answer to be positive.

There are reasons why you can extend your stay:

  1. You are undergoing or about to receive treatment.
  2. You are in a position and expecting childbirth.
  3. You have an inheritance in Ukraine and have come to draw up the necessary documents for its adoption.
  4. Prepare documents for emigration to Ukraine (this also applies to documents for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship).
  5. You arrived on a transit visa, but you cannot leave because of a vehicle breakdown (or illegal actions were taken against you).
  6. We planned to apply for a residence permit, but did not manage to do it before the end of the stay.

When you come to the migration service, remember: you need to settle all the issues on visa extension no earlier than 11 days and no later than 4 days before the end of the prescribed period.

The advantage of our company

We will help you to extend the period of stay after talking with you. When the lawyers get acquainted with all the documents necessary to make a decision on cooperation.

Our company’s services are a priority because:

  1. You can contact us at any time. While the lawyer is busy with your documents, you have the right to ask any questions that interest you.
  2. We are achieving good results, we follow the process from the start until you receive an extension of your stay.
  3. We prepare the documents ourselves (while you are resting, we draw up all the certificates and documents for you).
  4. We cooperate with the migration service. We interact with government agencies, so they always make concessions and freely extend their stay in Ukraine.
  5. Years of effective work – we have been working with our clients for over 8 years and have excellent experience in migration procedures.


Our company Eternity Law International will accept documents if you:

  1. the individual or company that accepts the documentation;
  2. foreign citizen.

An individual or company (legal entity) provides:

  1. passport data;
  2. documents confirming the right to living space.

Foreign citizens submit the following documents:

  1. passport;
  2. a certificate confirming a sufficient amount of funds for living in the country.

You provide us with the documents listed above for our company Eternity to help. The rest will be prepared by our specialists.

From our side you will expect:

  1. Dialogue, collection of all documents, negotiation of all issues related to the extension of stay.
  2. Transfer of a package of documents to the migration service and control of the process of their consideration.
  3. Representation of your interests when considering the issue directly in the migration service.
  4. Transfer of the document to the client with a note on the extension of stay in Ukraine.

If you do not yet know where to go to extend the period of stay in Ukraine, welcome to Eternity!

Frequently asked Questions

What will happen if you do not extend your stay in Ukraine?

This action will incur responsibility in the form of a fine, and it will also be prohibited from entering the territory of Ukraine for 5 years. In addition, you may have problems with the police, tax and other services.

By contacting a lawyer of Eternity Law International for advice, you can quickly solve the problem. Our company will do everything for you to obtain a document in Ukraine. If there is no reason for this, we will create one.


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