Eternity Law International has been engaged in professional legal support for Blockchain projects for several years.  We have created and accompanied more than 30 legally stable structures of companies engaged in mining, ICO, crypto – exchanges, as well as companies that will improve the world thanks to the latest developments in the Blockchain sphere.

We in fact know, with what legal difficulties companies, connected with crypto-currencies and ICO, can face.

Our company is an official member of the association Crypto Valley – an independent, Swiss-supported association, created to fully develop the world’s leading technology of Blockchain and cryptographic technologies.


Our team knows that the ICO is a full-fledged set of events that is aimed at stimulating financial injections into the sphere of development of almost any business. It includes both a motivated and qualified team as well as strong idea for implementation and a thorough argument about the use of embedded finance.

This structure, among other things, includes a legally and financially stable structure of companies and accounts, as well as an effective marketing campaign.

Undoubtedly, certain cases of ready-made ICO on trading platforms can be pushed to meditators, which can be used at various stages during the implementation of the ICO. Such a conclusion is likely to be hasty, because negligent treatment of laws or the provision of security in the future may have negative consequences for the business owner.


– legal;
– provision of cybersecurity;
– technical;
– marketing.

Do not forget about the fundamentally important areas in the ICO, such as designing tokenomics and selling tokens.


To fully concentrate on your business, it’s better to talk to specialists! The services provided by our firm are of an exhaustive nature:

– Initial counseling. Our experts will tell you about all the nuances and order of the start, execution, development and provision of ICO. We will also consult about the proper organization of ICO and what else we can help you.

– Execution of ICO. Registration of the general plan ICO. Eternity Law International conducts effective ICO consulting, including the development of a list of activities and actions for all sections, a free general project, a study of possible project threats and the development of a plan for managing these risks. Also, several plans for the flow of events (from the most unfavorable to the most successful) are formed and tested together with the client.

– Suppliers of ICO. The main tips for choosing contractors. The client can cooperate with the partners provided, or bring his supplier to the ICO plan. At the same time, our specialists are engaged in full-fledged control of their work, from viewing documents and finishing with the acceptance of the finished work with you.

– Manual ICO. Registration of the planned official presentation of the ICO. We provide quality support for the project, using our own unique method. The staff of the project executors is formed, which includes the employees of the client, our delegates and contractors. We will design the Road Map, the rules of cooperation and documentation.


A separate approach to work with each case. We are sure that all ICOs are unique and not alike, just like any business that attracts financial resources. Based on this, we initially deal with issues related to the business models of the token, the amount of mandatory financing and the planning of expenses.

Project management. Our company has vast experience in the field of project activities. All employees have many years of experience in the field of creating similar projects. Therefore, you can be assured of the highest quality of the services provided.

Price policy. Very loyal approach in calculating the price for the development and implementation of the ICO project. We are guided by the fact that it is not worth pursuing easy prey. We are focused on quality of service and an ideal reputation. Guaranteed we will render each client a unique approach in calculating the price for our work.

For individual advice, please contact Eternity Law International.