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Eternity Law International provides comprehensive legal support for businesses using blockchain technologies and virtual assets. Our specialists can offer a solution both for professionals who have been working in Fintech for a while and new entrants in this industry. Before approaching our ICO consultant service, let’s discover more about how ICO can be helpful and how it has helped thousands of organizations in the past.

How an ICO works

Initial coin offerings, or ICOs, are well-liked techniques for acquiring money for fledgling crypto businesses. While conducting ICO, a blockchain-based firm creates a specific number of its native digital token and sells them to early investors, typically in exchange for other coins like BTC or ETH.

ICOs, as a form of digital crowdfunding, give entrepreneurs the ability to not only raise money without giving up stock but also to build a community of users who are financially motivated to participate in the project. While ICOs can provide entrepreneurs with a simple funding mechanism and a cutting-edge solution to raise capital, buyers can also profit from both access to the services that the token grants and a rise in the token’s price if the platform is successful.

One of the first significant success stories utilizing this comparatively new form of fundraising tool was Ethereum’s ICO, which raised $15.5 million in 2014. On May 12, 2021, ETH, which was initially sold in the amount of 50 million tokens for $0.311 each, reached an all-time high of $4,382.73, giving investors a 1,408,903% return on their investment. It is currently one of the most valued tokens, and because of its technology, a whole ecosystem of decentralized applications (dApps) has been flourishing now.

ICO consulting services of Eternity Law International

Our ICO consultant service within the framework of complex crypto consulting include the following:

  • support and advisory services for initiatives involving blockchain technologies and virtual assets;
  • registering a corporate entity while preparing for an ICO;
  • conducting due diligence: the service means doing an analysis of readiness of the business for ICO, covering financial, operational, marketing, IT, compliance (KYC/AML check), and legal perspectives;
  • preparation of corporate documents for the project’s launch, such as the Roadmap and White Paper;
  • development of IT solutions, for example, an app, obtaining IP rights (software);
  • obtaining a license for cryptocurrency activities;
  • opening a merchant account;
  • particularly, our ICO consulting services include evaluating the risks and advising on the best legal structure, including the jurisdictional checks necessary for token compliance, AML/KYC Compliance;
  • advising on the most recent and upcoming SEC and CFTC regulations;
  • financial reporting and auditing.

Eternity ICO services will allow you to delegate all organizational issues to our specialists and fully focus on project management. The result of our work is the creation of a turnkey crypto project and its ongoing support through our corporate services.

Regulators’ view on ICOs

In 2017, the US SEC issued a document explaining ICOs and the risks related to them and comparing them to traditional investment methods. The Commission suggested regulating the offering under the US Securities Exchange Act of 1934, in particular, to register the offering and sale of tokens with the SEC. The Commission stressed that this technology can be used to create fair and legitimate investment opportunities.

In 2013, the US Congress introduced the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act, or JOBS Act. This is a law intended to encourage company funding through equity crowdfunding in the USA by easing many of the country’s securities regulations. The objective of Congress was to increase the number of investors who could contribute to the development of early-stage businesses and to enable company founders to raise capital from a much larger range of sources.

By encouraging equity crowdfunding, Congress made a positive contribution, but it was unable to foresee how much larger the ICO market would become. Initial coin offerings have raised $19 billion since 2013, whereas equity crowdfunding has only raised $969 million, according to statistics provided by CB Insights. Undoubtedly, ICOs have prevailed.

How much does an ICO consulting cost?

Depending on a number of criteria, industry standards set 5,000 EUR – 50,000 EUR as a price for ICO services. This depends on the difficulty of your project and the lawyer’s qualifications. The jurisdiction in which the project is launched and the specific details of each project will decide the final cost of ICO consulting. If you want, feel free to get in touch with Eternity Law International and discuss how partnering with us as your technology partner could help you save money (CTO service, MVP development, ICO preparation and consulting, Token Sales platform, etc.).

Benefits of cooperation with our ICO consultants

Our ICO consultants are here to help in a world moving towards a cashless economy. Why choose our team?

The specialists of Eternity ICO team have experience in legal support of ICO-projects and can offer you detailed advice on the regulation for your project. Along with legal support, our team can assist you in developing the best Fintech software for your company and in creating a thorough roadmap for your idea or product. We work closely with clients to understand the problem, create a roadmap, find the best solutions and propose them to the client for approval in the shortest possible time.

We are ready to provide you with legal support in conducting ICO services in the country of your choice.

What is ICO in business?

ICO gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to attract third-party investments and form a community of users who have financial motivation to participate in the project. Buyers are also given the opportunity to profit from access to the services that the project uses and from increasing the value of the token. The profit from positive dynamics in the price of the token depends on how successful and effective the launched project will be. We’re ready to provide you with high-quality ICO services to achieve effective and lucrative results.

What is the process of initial coin offering?

By carrying out an ICO, a company issues a certain number of digital tokens and sells them to investors. As a rule, such tokens are exchanged for other coins, in particular, BTC or ETH. This makes it possible to attract investment in the project, popularize it and find interested partners. Our ICO consultants explain to you all the details and nuances of this process.

How is ICO price determined?

The company evaluates the cost of tokens depending on how much money it plans to receive as a result from their sale. The total amount is formed based on the goals of the ICO issue. The main goal is to raise funds to finance the project. The second task of the token sale is information promotion and popularization of the project. Thus, the company calculates the approximate amount required to achieve and fully implement the stated goals. OUR Eternity ICO team will help you to implement the correct evaluation with a high profitable side for you.

How do I offer an ICO?

The company can offer ICO through special blockchain platforms. Before placing tokens, the company studies the primary conditions of sale and the formation of an offer. Next, the cost of the token is set and the ICO is launched. Our ICO consulting services include assistance in the launching process.

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