Citizenship in Ukraine

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Citizenship in Ukraine. Subject to the procedures and requirements established at the legislative level, citizens of other states can obtain Ukrainian citizenship. And although the rules and the algorithm are spelled out, in fact, one often comes across a bureaucratic component.

Interested parties for a long time have to collect all sorts of documents. Part of foreign citizens, faced with difficulties in the implementation of the conceived citizenship.

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The process of thorough verification by a non-resident of the country influences the decision, and in order to pass it, one must meet a number of established criteria.

Obtaining Ukrainian citizenship is possible under the following conditions:

  1. Recognize and respect constitutional rights, duties, and laws.
  2. Submit a declaration confirming the absence of citizenship in other states, or the refusal of existing one. Foreigners who have citizenship of another country must submit a document on its termination. Some countries of the world perform this procedure automatically, so this document is not submit.
  3. Constantly residing on the territory of Ukraine for at least 5 years, observing the rules and laws.
  4. Understanding and minimum level of proficiency in Ukrainian.

Since January 2016, the procedure for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship has been greatly simplify.

Bases on the new document, the minimum stay in the country for such persons is reduce to 3 years. An additional advantage of the law is the absence of the need to issue an immigration permit.


Before proceeding with the implementation of the citizenship plan, the candidate should be patient and time consuming. The list of required to collect papers is quite long. In this case, the process of registration of Ukrainian citizenship takes place in a certain order, prescribed at the legislative level.

To begin with, a foreign citizen must make a written statement addressed to the current President of the country. The application must be register in the migration service at the place of residence of the applicant.

In the event that a non-resident is outside Ukraine, the registration of the application takes place at the consular center.

Additionally, you will need to collect the following list of documentation:

  1. personal photo (3 pcs.);
  2. certificate indicating the absence of other citizenship;
  3. a document in the text of which indicates the obligation to terminate the existing citizenship;
  4. certificate that confirms the period of residence in Ukraine for 5 years;
  5. a document proving that the state language of Ukraine is at the required level;
  6. certificate of disability (if available).

To date, the citizenship of Ukraine is allow to issue without permission for immigration. Due to such a change in the current legislation, the process of obtaining citizenship is simplified.

If you do not have enough free time, opportunities for the implementation of this issue, you can always enlist a comprehensive and qualified support from our company.

We will provide detailed advice on the algorithm for obtaining citizenship. We will help to collect the necessary papers and all this for a reasonable fee. In addition, we are ready to provide legal support on all matters arising during the registration of Ukrainian citizenship.

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Citizenship in Ukraine
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